[TOT: 583.523.000] HelplessBunny [NOOB] vs. Banksy [ODIN] (A: 0, D: 583.523.000)

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  • Goodbye Ogame. Time for me to move on. Cue Joe . . .

    Just a quiet little sentimental post today. A bit more than 9 years ago I got hooked. Yendorii and Irish trained me in Andromeda.us, back when it was ruled by Roze and Celestine. My current uni 1 account actually was Irish's Andro account (just two owners - low mileage).

    Thanks to my ally friends (Diablo, Kar, Cuzzer, IssacAsimov, Rival, Inprotest, Shadow, Noel, Gold Dragon, Spartan, Muaddib, Mattski, esio, Need4Sleep). Fun to be with you and thanks for all the lessons. Hope things liven up and keep you fleeting!

    Feel the need to shout out to so many old friends, playing or not. I really enjoyed gaming with you and learning. Quite a bunch of characters! In no particular order, I salute Rake, RaiderAdam, Croaker, Fifth, Horcon, EJ, Arazor, Corvus, Volke, Xenophon, Harddriver, Atticus, Toadie, Jauger, Dego, Famine, Skyzz, Black Saint, Todzilla, Elanaconda, Fra, EWorden, Neorex, Libra, LoganDrew, Budee, Midnight, SWK, Army, MadMerlin, Handicap, Timberwolf (original in Draco), Newroc, Hollowpoint, Babalon, Trapper, Snipster, Jesica. And I apologize for anyone left out. Been my pleasure to fly with you. No intentions to play again, but we know how that goes . . .

    As far as the hit, no story. Just needed to hit something for a proper post. FR defender.

    Attacker HelplessBunny [NOOB]

    Deathstar 635


    Defender Banksy [ODIN]
    Small Cargo 1.000
    Large Cargo 870
    Espionage Probe 155
    Solar Satellite 282
    Deathstar 3
    Rocket Launcher 109.566
    Light Laser 32.147
    Heavy Laser 1.500
    Gauss Cannon 771
    Ion Cannon 1.500
    Plasma Turret 1.555
    Small Shield Dome 1
    Large Shield Dome 1

    After Battle

    Attacker HelplessBunny
    Deathstar 635 (-0)


    Defender Banksy

    The attacker has won the battle! He captured:
    8.342.708 metal, 4.149.222 crystal and 1.990.139 deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 0 units.
    The defender lost a total of 583.523.000 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 11.110.000 metal and 9.969.500 crystal.

    The 640 recyclers of HelplessBunny harvested 11.110.000 metal and 9.969.500 crystal

    => 100 %

    Attacker profits : 35.561.569
    Metal : 19.452.708 | Crystal : 14.118.722 | Deut : 1.990.139

    Defender profits : -221.248.969
    Metal : -142.337.458 | Crystal : -59.322.772 | Deut : -19.588.739

    Estimated consumption: 309 deut

    Converted by TopRaider.eu

    Finally, please give a little love to GameForge for maintaining archives. Have to admit that I enjoyed browsing back through the years, and that costs them. In case that sort of thing interests anyone, here are my favorite posts from the accounts I played in .US:

    Zagarda: [TOT: 15.104.500] Morning Star [OMeN] vs. beer man [profit] (A: 400.000, D: 14.704.500)
    Mizar: *ACS* Brutus [DTM] vs Player1 [WASP], hlb [] (TD: 3.408.000)
    Jupiter: moe [Seraphim] VS YukonCornelius [] (T.D. 8.288.000/GAIN 1.978.816)
    Draco: 99thIdiot [APCLYPSE] VS ImmortalBeast [] (T.D. 12.166.000/GAIN 15.218.331)
    Andromeda (current account): Scot [WAR] vs Seraphim [ZAR] (TD: 67.018.000)
    Andromeda (my original account): Budee [War] -vs- Ben [APE-GS} (TD: ~37M)

    ok eveyone have a greta summer! Gotta run, the wife is calling . . .

    Nothing is ever foolproof because fools are so ingenious!

  • ah man! I used to play on andromeda once upon a time. Back when WAR ruled and ResistU was trying to do something. I think Anakonda ended up smashing my tiny turtle and fleet. That's when I quit last but look at me now! The Ocrack will sneak back into your life somehow I'm sure! Best of luck IRL! Enjoy your time away!

    ~Thanks for the siggy Silverwind!~

  • what to say 99, but very sad to see you go ;(

    i wish you all the best in RL enjoy the summer and family time, i hope you pop in from time to time if only to say hi and post a good looking pic :thumbsup:

    enjoy and take care mate :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

    i hope whoever takes over your acccount looks after it incase you get thet itch come winter :lol:

  • While we didn't cross paths as players, it was a pleasure being your GO when I was on staff (one of the ones I checked but never had to worry too much about) :thumbsup: .

    You were always a good bit of fun on the boards as well.

    I hope that you can escape and find that freedom.

    Say hello every once and a while, but always go back to the woman in the picture with the palm tree. :D

    Take care buddy!

  • huge loss for both our alliance and also the game. You have been a lot of fun and always have great hits and posts.

    Keep in touch and feel free to come back any time

  • Easily one of the classiest to do it. I always have had a ton of respect for the way you conduct yourself my man. Shame to see you hang it up but I can’t blame you, obviously. Nothing better than going out on the winning side.

  • Hats off to one of the most creative players on cr. I remember flying with you twice in Uni1.us before merge of 2016.
    What a pleasant game it was.

    As for hit I am glad you follow my advice to hit the target. Enjoy your time !

    Fr def,

  • I'm surprised; I appreciate the shout-out, 99! Sorry to see you go. Quite a blast from the past to see that Draco hit! Enjoy your time off -- I'll miss you more on the boards than in-game, but I look forward to when you come back. ;)

  • Thanks for the shoutout brother!! Yeah, I miss those late night raids. Keeping each other away. lol!! I left ogame last week and have enjoyed the time away immensely! I wish you best of luck in RL and a happy and enjoyable life. Take care my friend!!

  • Happy to see you go on your own terms. Please don’t let the account get deleted so I hope you have someone watching it if not I will until you return one day. :)

  • Somehow I missed this. Agree with @JRK. Huge loss. You’ve been a great Ogame friend for a decade, and even an ally mate in another universe. Sucks to see you go but I’ve been there myself. Here’s to hoping you find your way back like I did. If not, I hope you’ll at least keep in touch. Have fun!


    "None could guess my confusion, my host of deluded illusions and elusive delusions! A mantle of marble hiding a crumbling core of sandstone. See how they stare at me, wondering, all wondering, at my secret wellspring of wisdom..."

  • Why do I see this post so late :/

    99th, it's been a pleasure to play and to fly with you, since 2011, i had the oportunity to learn from the best. It's really nice to see that you remember some old fellas too like Toddzilla, snipster etc.

    But the show must go on, enjoy RL and remember us sometimes. We will stay in touch over skype. :love::love: