The Decline of MMO’s

  • This decade has seen a sharp decline in the playerbase’s of MMORPG’s, and not only Ogame, but large, marquee games like World of Warcraft, Eve, League of Legends, Runescape, and others have struggled to attract new players increase revenue while attempting to retain and increasingly demanding playerbase. It is a far cry from the glory days of MMO’s in the 2000’s. I wonder what happened.

    What do you think is the cause, and do you think games like these will become fashionable again?

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  • Personally I’m not a fan other than playing this game. I’m normally a solo player playing at my own pace and not worrying about others. Kinda ruins the game for me having morons yelling in their mics.

    I’m more into RPG style one player games. Love my stories!

  • I would say that the MMO space has been catering to casual gamers for years and this has resulted in the hard core player base leaving. WOW is a perfect example, as in the beginning in order to just level up and achieve certain objectives, like dungeons, you had to go spam LFG in a major city just to put your group together, then travel to the dungeon and work together to overcome the challenges. This created a sense of community as players treated other players better in the hopes of being invited back into a group or into a guild. Over the years so called "quality of life improvements" like the group finder, focused more on casual players who did not stick around and had the unfortunate affect of alienating the hardcore player base who began to leave for other games. Just my two cents.

  • Decline? well maybe some, but games like POE maintain to keep their chin up high! I think that the gameplay aspect is crucial. If it wasn't for Orbs and benefits that comes with it I probably would stop playing by now, but so far, so good :)

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  • To the post above, the reason PoE has stayed strong is because they didn't do what moderndayscooter so correctly stated, cater to casual gamers. PoE is a very ruthlessly complex and hardcore game, especially for those like myself.. that play hardcore.

    The challenge, even as a commonly solo game, makes the game worth playing because achievements feel hard earned and real. Couple that with their outstanding (free) content release cycle, non pay-to-win monetization, and the fact that the developers are active, creative, and in STARK contrast to GF, Blizzard, etc.... they listen to player feedback and respond with updates and player created content.

    you see a lot of other games going by the wayside because the companies that create them.. are working for profit like a business, and not for passion like a community centric game development team.

    In all aspects of creating services and features, the most success comes out of customer obsession, effective communication with the community, data driven decisions, and a very mindful consideration of the user experience.