Recruitment - Moderators - [OPEN]

  • Recruitment - Moderators

    To Apply click the link;
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    What does a Moderator do?

    A Moderator is working on the board, making sure people are behaving according to the board rules.

    A Moderator remains friendly to the players and is always as helpful as possible, we work as a team and help each other as much as possible.

    A Moderator needs to be able to work with other people even more than a GameOperator, he must keep cool and manage difficult situations between players in forum.

    What are the requirements to be accepted into the team?

    Being over 18 years old; Due to legal issues.

    Having a considerable amount of time to offer to the job (At least a daily average of two hours).

    Accepting positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team, while being able to successfully being part of it.

    Having a helpful and easy going personality.

    Enough game and rules experience to be able to actually help people.

    Have a post count over 100.

    Being able to enjoy team work and some fun!

    What should you include in your application ?

    The way you can fulfill the requirements above.

    Briefly some real life work and studying experience.

    Your age and origin.

    Your name on the Board.

    Why we should hire you.

    What actually motivates you to apply.

    OGame experience.

    OGame universes you have played and are currently playing.

    If you were banned in the past, what for.

    Note: Applications which consist just of a few words will be deleted right away, your application should show us that you really want to be part of the team and help players.

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