Recruitment: Game Operators - [OPEN]

  • Recruitment: Game Operators

    What does a Game Operator do?

    • A Game Operator reads through players' inquiries and answers them one by one, mainly through tickets and IRC.
    • A Game Operator checks his or her universe(s) for players that don't follow the rules and gives warnings and bans when and if necessary.
    • A Game Operator remains friendly to the players and is always as helpful as possible. We work as a team and help each other as much as we are able.
    • A Game Operator should be in IRC very often to help people with questions and problems as quickly as possible.

    What are the requirements to be accepted into the team?

    • You must be at least 18 years old due to legal issues.
    • You must speak English fluently and be able to communicate in English properly without any difficulties
    • You must have a considerable amount of time to offer to the job (at least a daily average of 2-3 hours). Inactivity will result in you being removed from the position.
    • You must be able to accept positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team while being able to successfully be an active part of the team.
    • You must have a helpful and easygoing personality.
    • You must have enough game and game-rules experience to be able to actually help people.
    • Very important: You must have some knowledge of what IRC is and enough time to be present in IRC as often as possible.
    • You must be able to enjoy team work and have some fun!

    What should I include in my application?

    Tell us about yourself using the criteria below:

    • The way you can fulfill the requirements above.
    • Briefly some real life work and studying experience.
    • Your age and origin.
    • Your name on the board.
    • Why we should hire you.
    • What actually motivates you to apply.
    • OGame experience.
    • OGame universes you have played and are currently playing.
    • If you were banned in the past (in-game and on the board), what were you banned for?

    We don't want applications from people with prejudices and/or racist attitudes or from people who just want to have a colored nickname on the board. We prefer new staff members who are not already part of another community due to time availability; however, those already in a Gameforge community can still apply and we will consider each application on a case-by-case basis.

    How do I apply?

    Click the Application Link and follow the instructions there. If you have trouble, look for a Game Admin or a Super Game Operator on IRC in

    What happens after I submit my GO application?

    After you submit your GO application it will be reviewed by our Game Administrators. Once reviewed, the GAs will either send you an email of rejection or an invitation to come to IRC for an interview. During the interview, the applicant will be asked a series of questions to test his or her knowledge about our game rules and game play. Once the interview is complete the GAs will decide whether or not the applicant will be selected to become a Trial Game Operator. An email will be sent either rejecting or accepting you.


    • This entire process can take up from a few hours to a few days to sometimes a week or two, depending on when applications are closed.
    • We do not accept GO applications that appear in multiple communities at the same time. You will be asked to choose one community if you have applied at multiple communities at the time of the interview. We feel that joining multiple communities at the same time can cause confusion and be too much work for a brand new staff member; please take this into account when applying.
    • After you have been on the team for a few months, if you want to expand your GO role, then you will be more than welcome to apply to join another community. We like to ensure that our GOs get the best experience and support possible during their first few months when they are learning everything new.

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  • GO applications are still open, and we are recruiting. If you are interested, please submit your application using the link above. If you have general questions about the position that are not answered in the post above, please chat with PinkFloyd or Queen Leo.

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  • We're still hiring GOs. If you have questions, or you're interested in possibly applying, please contact PinkFloyd or Queen Leo for more information, or submit an application. We look forward to see your application! :)

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  • We are actively seeking Game Operators. If you're interested, please review the requirements in the first post in this thread, and submit your application as instructed.

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