Diplomacy Rules

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  • Alliances and Discussions

    Alliances and Discussions
    are sub-forums that exist in each of the respective universe boards. These forums are only for alliance introductions, announcements and miscellaneous universe discussions.While this forum may not have a post count threads must still be relevant to the universe and excessive spamming of threads may still be warned.

    You May:

    Announce the founding of your alliance
    - Either with the template provided, or by your own design

    Only one introduction thread per alliance is allowed
    - Superfluous threads will be closed

    The title of the thread must include the alliance name
    - If it does not, the thread will be closed

    Announce new diplomatic agreements (NAP’s/Alliances)
    - An NAP is a Non-Agression Pact between two alliances, that is, they
    will not attack each other, but are not obligated to help the other

    Advertise it (Notice that this is the only place were it is allowed)
    - Please keep in mind that excessive bumping of your thread can result in a warning

    Post stats of it
    - Rank, number of members, number of members in top 100, 500, 1000, etc

    Posts such as "Good luck..." or anything as frivolous will be treated as spam
    - Questions regarding the alliance at hand are acceptable

    Applying to an alliance

    If you are interested in joining the alliance write a PM to the author of a thread or post in the collection thread
    - Do not post anything in the lines of 'I will join...' as this will be treated as spam

    Post miscellaneous universe discussions
    - Rules are more relaxed than in other sections but board rules still
    apply (eg, no trolling ect). Discussions should be game related and
    specific to your Universe.

    To summarize, what is posted in this section

    • Announcements of newly formed alliances
    • Announcements of merging/alliances/NAPs between two or more alliances
    • Alliances searching for members
    • Miscellaneous universe discussions
    • Alliances searching for NAPs or alliances (or use the collection thread)
    • Players searching for alliances (or use the collection thread)