♻️ New at Ogame.us.

  • "autopsy.", "KarVastor", "Komrad", "Chaos Josh", "DigitalLoneStarX" and "Nightwatchman" are new TrialMods.

    Welcome in our Team..

  • Two guys has joint our team now:

    Marx83 is TrialMod and SUCO Trial GO.


  • Two more Trial GOs has joint Ogame.us:

    Sully & Myrddin.

  • CptApollo left the team due to a leck of time.

  • Nightwatchman left the team due to personal reasons.

  • We welcome Galaxy10 as our new Trial - Moderator

  • We welcome liquid metal as our new Trial - Moderator

  • in the last few days we got a few new trials:

    SharK is our new Trial - Moderator


    Cmdr.Tuvok, CoReTeX and Komrad (who is also Moderator here) will support the game team as new Trial - Gameoperator

    we wish you all a good time!

  • We welcome asian, Magnificus Passer and conny1207 as new Trial - Gameoperators

  • SharK (who is also Moderator here) will support the Game-Team as new Trial - Gameoperator

  • Welcome Wuschi and Vorso as new Trial - Moderators

  • And one more Trial: Welcome Denisgsv as new Trial - Moderator

  • Welcome PinkFloyd as the new Trial - Gameoperator for Universe 2.

  • Heineken is now one of our trial mods. Welcome to the team!

  • Paci has joined the family as a Trial GO. Welcome, Paci!

  • 889977 is now a member of the Game Team!! Congrats to ya!!!!

  • Tim is now a Trial Game Operator for Ogame.us. Good luck!

  • Welcome NightCrawl as a new Trial Mod. Congrats!