Wing of CETUS....wCETUSw

  • I just wanted to inform you that the CETUS alliance has nothing to do with the wCETUSw alliance, it is neither our academy nor do we know.. the people who founded it:)but of course we wish you good luck in causing confusion in the unverse... hugs Q :evil::saint:

  • Cusco II oh no! You've been rejected again!! Poor kid. Nice try though. Seems like theres alot of players in your alliance that seem to do repedative things all day long as if they are more machine than person... so strange that they were so quick to join this alliance you created... Don't listen to me though, I'm sure its unrelated. :lol:

    If you wanna pretend to be CETUS, all you had to do was say so, i'll show ya what it feels like to be a CETUS player tomorrow when I come out of vmode, you and ur entire little crew of totally very legitimate and definatnly not rule breaking allies. *rocket4*