Version 11.15.0 is emblematic of Modern OGame's constant attempts to worsen player experience

  • Text is stolen from Astral_Codex's post on the EN forum, but i agree with every word, so lets post this here too.

    Alternative title: Gameforge Devs and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very Bad UI update.

    Version 11.15.0 just game out, and is probably -the worst- update in terms of player experience.

    We can divide the updates into several categories:

    • Bugfixes. These are always welcome, I guess.
    • Downgrades to previously existing standard add-on or web UI functionality. All major add-ons are broken, and their functionality is at best replaced with a second-rate imitation (though most are simply missing,). For example, the new espionage interface tries to, mimic AGR's spy table, but for some godforesaken reason removes the expanded messages component entirely (and does not even give the user the option to turn it off). But there's a ton of add-on functionality that just doesn't exist in the game version. The <meta> tags are missing a lot of information that is necessary for add-ons to function in principle. The game depends on add-on developers, but this update shows so little respect for their work that I doubt any add-on developer will feel much desire to actually work on fixing their add-ons following this update. Of the updates, "Fixed several cases in which tooltips did not look correct." is a hilariously relevant comment to include here, given that the tooltips are generally made worse in this update.
    • Unnecessary graphics changes for the changes' sake. To put it simply: the new UI is terrible. Moons in galaxy look terrible. The new espionage messages obscure whether or not the target is a moon or a planet. The spy table looks terrible. The new buttons added to the game are all of ugly, unintuitive, and unreadable. Most impressively, all of these elements are downgrades to previously existing designs already in OGame, suggesting that there was an active decision to spend development effort on these graphical changes.

    I'm happy that the bugs are finally being fixed. But putting the necessary bugfixes aside, every other non-bugfix change makes the game worse. I don't have time to go into too much detail on all the examples, but anyone halfway competent can notice a bunch of issues while trying to play the Game. I'd recommend the devs try fleeting using v11.15.0 as opposed to an earlier version where AGR still worked. To a give a sense of how serious these problems are, this update has basically forced me to go into vacation mode in the near term, as the game is simply unplayable.

    Despite all of these issues being raised in feedback provided to Gameforge during the PTS, the update was still somehow pushed to all live servers. The natural conclusion is that this piece of feedback is also just going to be ignored. Retiree.
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  • Dear GF,

    We really love Ogame but the new updates are killing the game, We really want to continue playing this game, but the current version is not playable anymore.

    We are raising the voice, hoping you hear us, and i am sure you are keen on our voice and will do what is best for the game and for the players.

    Volans players are really upset and frustrated, and we kindly ask you to return the old version with fixes to the bugs.

    Noob around the universe :thumbsup:

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    1. it is not possible to send the fleet. nothing can be done. you did shit. Wanted to improve your game? you did shit. I'm leaving this moment. you take so much money from dark matter. and you make the game less and less playable..
  • seems like everyone hate the new update, its buggy, the spy report view is total shit, what else to say i used to the old one i like it for the past 20 years and suddently you want to change one thing that always have work correctly in this game, clearly the people who do those updates doesnt play the game or unless for as long as we play it, there not much new players everyone here have 10+ years of play you cannot make such a big change abour something that much iconic to this game sorry that doesnt work for me


  • after reading the posts above i am in total agreement .. especially the spy reports .. totally useless.. i just need to click on the coords not go hunting how to get them.. and wtf is the need for little pictures .. i just need to know the amouts of res found on expos .. not having picture .. ffs get a grip

  • Dear GF,

    Why do you feel it necessary to constantly f**k up and worsen a good game with every update? Is your goal to just take money from us and then ignore us when it comes to the game play input? Are you actively trying to kill a good game?

  • Very disappointed with this update. Has massively degraded my gameplay experience by breaking third party tools I heavily use like OGLight.

    Third party addons add a lot of depth to various playstyles and offer some nice QoL improvements over the base game. Gameforge should know this, so I don't understand why they're ignoring feedback from the tooldev community and just pushing out an update like this that bricks them.

  • As someone who has worked in software development for the last 15 years, I can say that nothing speaks louder about a bad project, bad management, and poor business vision than an update that significantly worsens the value of the product (Ogame) for the target audience (us, the players).

    Additionally, the number of refactored or "new" features with numerous code or functionality problems is alarming.

    The update has reached the incredible milestone of breaking EVERY add-on ever made for the game. It's as if someone who hates Ogame launched this new version to achieve some record turnover numbers.

  • Well done GF you guys killed 3 of my plug-ins in one fell swoop OGame tracker, PTRE, OGlight those plug-ins has made my gameplay manageable and TIME EFFICIENT AND ENJOYABLE that made it worth my investment in the purchase of Dark matter. Now I feel that game forge blindfolded my gameplay and now is awkward and more time-consuming to farm harvest and build and send out 8 expeditions inside the minute WHY?!.



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  • spy reports are ********! i send 100s of probes out. you telling me ive got to open each one individually instead of scrolling through. was this a pissed off employee trying to troll us?

    No foul language.BD

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • Uncheck all filters and spy reports will go back to something similar to what we had before.

    Cheers ... its a wee bit better .. but can we lose the stupid picture icons ... wtf its case of its not broken so lets screw it over totally

  • I love the new version its so awesome! only sideefffect is i cnt track my expos anymore since wokey donkey didtn update his addon yet :P


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  • I would imagine the PTS Alpha test server would be to test out the compatibility of beta new OGame software updates for any issues concerning plugins or browsers issues before implementing it on live servers. For 2 weeks I could not use OGlight and other plugins on Alpha why was this issue NOT resolved before implementing this on live servers. What is the point of having a PTS server in the first place if issues are not resolved on that server for that purpose of testing new software.


  • Not to mention the bug in the shipping attack reports!!! where the attack seems to have occurred in the starting coordinates and not where the attack by pirates or aliens actually occurred???!!!

    You try to report it by opening tickets and they ask you for life, death and miracles and then nothing is resolved!!!
    The worst update in the history of game!!!