• last few days, we see "profesionalizm", "big nick digger", "worst player ever" fleets are crazyly growing. They use some mılııons:lol: of dm. and becomes top players. we play this game for fun but it is sad to see players go up top in 1 day. game forge must put limit to use dm. Otherwise give money and become top 10:evil:

  • money doesn't buy skill. if you have a solid ally like 8-12 people who watch each other's activity and fleet save correctly you'll be fine. might even pull off some good ninjas. gameforge isn't going to limit DM purchases you got to work around it.

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • when ı have 1000k destroyer(i was 12th biggest fleet) worst player everplayer's old owner made 50k destroyer ın 1 nıght. whıch skıll can kıll hım:)) unıverse is without acs.

  • What a difference a month makes. OP deleted his account. One account he complained about is banned, one deleted last night, and the other is big I so it should delete soon. Should have stuck with it OP, you had a pretty nice account. Oh well.