How to increase LF expeditions on a daily? base?

  • After doing several Lifeform expedition missions everything 'greyed' out.

    Then I figured out that in the Galaxy view it was saying "Discoveries: 250/250", probably indicating I have reached the max.
    But the max on what timeframe? Is this per day? Per week?

    If one of above, is there a research within LF that can increase this amount of expeditions? Gathering artifacts is painstakingly going slow (especially in a 1 speed universe), so I would not mind to send more fleets.

  • you'll recieve +50 discoveries missions per day

    the counter will not reset once a week or something.

    yes it take time to full lf setup, and thats good imo.

    it's endgame content, can we maybe enjoy the ride

    and don't push all through wit dm and complaning again how borring ogame became..