Shipyard/Defense Build Time Increase

  • As universes get older and faster the reduction of build times gets less and less impactful. The fodder ships and defenses very quickly arrive at 1 second build times and start clogging up queues. Once a build time reaches 1 second, it gets stone walled and cant be constructed any faster due to the 1 second minimum. Instead of decreasing the build time to less than 1 second I would love to see a multiplier on how many units can be created in one second.

    For example:

    Once a rocket launcher(or any ship/defensive/missile) build time is reduced to 1 second, any further nanite upgrades instead allow you to build 2, 4, 8, 16 rocket launchers per second.

    This would be the same for ships like light fighters that also reach 1 second build times quickly.

    For the purposes of this, nanite would be the only building that affects build times in this way as the shipyard has less and less impact overall on the smaller ship building times after a certain threshold is met.

    Thoughts? Retiree.
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