Immersive Player Introduction

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    Explore the furthest reaches of space with the new Cadet Mode as it interactively guides you through the game with a selection of different missions. Learn more about the game mechanics and make quicker progress in building your empire. Complete missions for gathering resources, building Research Labs and creating Metal Mines, and earn cool rewards!

    How It Works

    Launch the game and choose which mode you want to start with: Cadet (new player) or Veteran (experienced player). You can switch between the two at any time from the game options. Then come up with an impressive name, and start your career as an intergalactic overlord!

    • Cadet: In this mode youโ€™ll be given useful tips on how to play, an introduction to OGameโ€™s mechanics, as well as various rewards for completing missions.
    • Veteran: In this mode you can dive straight into the game without any hints. However youโ€™ll still receive the same rewards as the introductory mode when you complete any of the missions (they simply run in the background).

    Cadet Mode

    If you choose Cadet Mode, First Officer Nova will accompany you as you venture out on your first missions in space. Youโ€™ll see an overview of the missions available to you, divided up into multiple chapters. The missions are designed to introduce you to all aspects of the game. Once youโ€™ve completed them, you can collect your rewards with a simple click. Each mission also includes useful information about the game mechanics, and tips for how to speed up your progress.

    Have fun!

    The OGame Team