Protection System

  • Having a hard time understanding protection system. Keep getting crashed by players with way more than 10x my points. Please help me understand because this is quite infuriating.

  • PM me if ya want. I can give you some basic gameplay tips to avoid getting crashed. I donโ€™t remember all the rules to the noob protection

    Thanks DISASTER for the awesome Sig!

  • Noobs Protection works this way

    โ€ข 0 - 50,000 points, can be attacked only by players the same points range

    โ€ข 50,000 - 500,000 points, can be attacked by everyone, but only if the Military Forces of the attacker's fleet are not more than 5x the Military Forces (sum of fleets and defence) on the targeted planet/moon of the defender (the gap reduces to 3x if the defender has the Admiral active)

    โ€ข over 500,000 points, can be attacked by everyone