Alpha - The new PTS server

  • Hello commanders!

    Today, Friday August 4, at 14:00 CEST (approx.) we will start a new PTS server: Alpha.

    Economy speed x10

    Research speed x20

    Peaceful Fleet speed x8

    War Fleet speed x6

    Holding Fleet speed x8

    9 galaxies

    DF 50%

    Espionage probes with cargo capacity

    +30 fields

    10M initial DM

    The new server will have a clean state and will be completely empty. With it we will bring to PTS the newest version 10.2.X (changelog available here).

    Alpha has a special feature that will allow players to copy their live accounts (from V10 servers only) into this server to have a account development status that allows a bigger range of tests. This new feature is limited and allows the player to copy only one account per email/lobby account.

    For example, lobby has one account on the live universe EN 1, if this lobby doesn't have already one account on Alpha it will be possible to copy the Universe EN 1 account to the testing round and use it for the needed tests. Please be aware that if you create a new account on Alpha, the option to copy won't be available on the live universe.

    In order to copy an account you need to:

    - NOT have already a Alpha account on the same email

    - login to the live account you wish to copy (Game round, not only Lobby)

    - go to Options > Extended > Alpha - en_807

    - Proceed with it

    (bear in mind that all the account will be copied and it might take some time)

    Good to know:

    - Any fleet missions that you have active will be added to the source planet during the copy (it doesn't affect the live universe, only the copy that will be placed on Alpha).

    - The Discovery missions will still be ongoing after the copy.

    - There are no restrictions regarding Lifeforms, you can copy the account from a non-Lifeform universe to Alpha, the only restriction is for the universes that are still with V9. Those accounts, unfortunately cannot be copied.

    - Account deletion on PTS has been reduced. Instead of the 7 days, after you set the account to delete it will be deleted with the daily server reset that follows.

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello commanders!

    The initial Dark Matter setting on a server only affects newly registered accounts, it doesn't affect when an account is transferred to the server. In order to prevent any misunderstanding with it, we are removing that from the Alpha settings.

    In case we will open registrations on that universe and there will be a Dark Matter bonus for it, we will inform you accordingly.

    Your OGame Team

  • Hello guys!

    The cooldown for deactivating vacation mode has been removed on Alpha.

    From now one it will be possible to remove vacation mode right after setting it.

    Your OGame Team

  • Hi Commanders

    Due to a bug found with the feature to copy accounts to PTS Alpha, we are forced to deactivate it, for now. We apologize and hope to fix it in the beginning of next week.
    We will inform you as soon as it is possible to copy accounts again.