[OGMTS] Mobile App Changelogs - Test Server

  • Ahoy!

    On Thursday, July 6, we will update the OGame Mobile Test Server (Galactic Testing Grounds) to version 5.0.X.


    • Added a new player introduction. (Quest system to help new players learning the game)
    • Reworked player intro when joining a new gameround.
    • Added tactical retreat option.
    • Reworked the ingame side menu and made the icons customizable.
    • Preparation for player notes feature (button is present but not functional right now)
    • Relocation text reworked and fixed some minor issues.
    • Small graphics update in several areas
    • Updated modal visuals.
    • Updated the dispatch fleet screen.

    Known Issues:

    • Some introduction tasks might not complete as intended.
    • Reward animation might break sometimes.

    We leave you here some images about the new version:

    ย  ย  ย  ย  ย ย 

    Important Information: The OGame Mobile Public Test Server is only available through the app for now, is not available through the browser yet!

    Your OGame Team