Ogame US Gameoperator Zero/Mantis destroy me with Bugusing.

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    1. the game operator zero caused a bug in umbra and destroyed me with it. He'll get away with it because the rules in the US are that team members are treated like gods.
    2. I will also publish it in Germany that is bugusing and nothing is done.



    1. this guy scanned 3 x in a row just before ripping so i can no longer save the ships and then destroyed them with the 6th wave
    1. I've never seen a game operator throw a bug on purpose to destroy someone that's really sick. and then he says that the bug is fixed like this. he knows that he caused a bug on purpose and also says that the bug no longer exists.

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  • Keep some honor and dignity, accept your defeat... You realize is a 20s "rule" right? do I need to send you a copy of Maths for dummies?

    Besides, the "bug" has been solved you can find more information here. Just to include more information, you never intent to move your fleets, you tried to ninja me so you moved fleets in to the moon.

    And for god sake, stop calling me Zero you have issues

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    1. you are still the player zero and use other accounts here. You are a cheater. You are a cheater.

    and you keep crying. be a men! see you when you back from your V-warrior style



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  • Ich höre auf im US SERVER. das ist der größte CHEATERUNI den ich je gesehen habe. Hier im US. SERVER CHEATEN TEAMMITGLIEDER.

    we'll see about this

    Thanks DISASTER for the sig.

    Back and kicking ass