State of the Union - Zenith

  • Where to begin...? lol

    I think we can all agree that the activity ratio is abysmally low compared to other .us unis. How do we breathe some new life into Zenith while we either wait for a possible merge or just to get Zenith back to a "more active" state? I do think that the settings change discussion has been pretty active, though how do we get players who have gone on a "permanent vacation mode" or just straight inactive back into the mix? I'm not 100% convinced that solely a settings change will help get those players back into Zenith, as I'm sure many have moved onto newer unis.

    Personally, Zenith was the newest .us uni that was around when I decided on a whim to get back into OGame a few months back. Lifeforms have been a welcome change, even though I haven't developed mine as well as I could (yet :) ).

    Something I've seen in other games is a "welcome back" type of event/package, though I'm not sure this could be implemented in OGame as well. Basically, if a player has been inactive for some time, they can return to active status and gain some sort of "bonus" to help them get back up to speed and/or rebuild. The Tritium rewards "events" have been quite helpful, so I'm also not convinced that a "welcome back" type of thing may be needed. Tritium rewards are structured similar to what I'd expect in such a thing anyway, so it's more about the timing and how to implement. Maybe if there were some way to trigger a Tritium rewards chain once someone has entered "I" (30 days+ inactive) status and comes back(?)

    Just spitballing here so open to any other thoughts on how to help rebuild Zenith overall, especially from those more in the know on these types of things :)