Expedition delayed return result

  • The expedition delayed return result needs to go away - now. It's disruptive and goes against the first cardinal-rule for game-developers namely...do not, ever, waste the players time. As it stands this result is nothing more then a time-waste and needs to be removed from game right now. Replace it with something else negative like lose a percentage of the expedition-fleet but it HAS to come home on schedule.

    This a deal-breaker for me, even if it can be perceived as an minor thing (and I can agree on that as well) it doesn't matter, for me its about the principle.

    I know the game-creators want all players to sit glued to the screen for 16 hours a day and waste away their life because if 'they don't sit here they will sit elsewhere. If they don't spend money here they will spend it elsewhere - we don't care about the players just as long as they can - like the greedy people - maximize profit' to the detriment of others.

  • Please run this topic up the ladder to someone in charge. I don't think I'm right, I know I'm right. If you cant send it up the ladder then I suggest that this forum can just as well change the forum-subject from 'Bugs and Complaints' to just 'Bugs'.

    I will not go away, the result with the time-delay needs to go or I will demand any good argument for why it should stay in game.

  • Waiting several hours after my bedtime just to fleetsave sucks. This really need to change. I came in here just to post this and was glad someone beat me to it. I keep losing fleets because I fall asleep waiting for one dang expo to return. It honestly is the worst part of this game.


  • Got a +3 hour delay on one expo. So to the double digit IQ people making this, why settle for 3 hours ? Why not have 20 hours delay ? Or better yet totally random delay. I mean it should be realistic right ? So 3 hours in space, that's nothing. It has to be REALISTIC because we all know we play this 'game' for its realism. So a delay in space spanning over several solar-systems should be 10 years, or perhaps 100 years.