Top 10 hits for Zenith

  • Hey I'm one of the active Zenith players and a fleeter and just curious top 10 solo hits list for Zenith are sooo outdated now it's getting harder for me to determine if a hit I do is top 10 :D An updated list would be great! Thanks!

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    Retired in Merkur - Miner- top 70
    Basic 20%'s = 5, Advanced 20% = none, Super advanced 20% = none

    Retired in Japetus - Miner top 60
    Basic 20%= 17 (Solo:16 / ACS:1)
    Advanced 20%= None
    Super advanced 20%=None

    Retired from Eridanus (top 50)

    Retired from Virgo in top (50)

    Retired from Aquarius

    Retired from Ursa

    Retired from Bellatrix (Top 50)

    and many more!

    Currently active in: Zenith (top 15) :thumbsup:

    Basic 20%=
    Advanced 20%=
    Super advanced 20%= None

  • Commenting here because I agree. There have been 10+ hits since the last update and the list is now way out of date. Retiree.
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