Discord event -The adventure of Commander Centauri

  • Hi!

    This year we are celebrating the OGame Anniversary in a different way, with different events. We had the LifeForms Update, the OGame Mobile launch and now: The adventure of Commander Centauri.

    This event will happen on Discord only (for this reason it will be in English), consists of a story, divided in 3 parts and at the end of each part, players will be deciding the next step of Commander Centauri by voting on the 3 given options. Each option corresponds to a discount or ingame event and the option that wins, will be activated on all servers.

    A special temporary channel was created with the name #event-the-adventure-of-commander-centauri where players can only use the indicated reactions to vote on each option.

    Here is the calendar of the event:

    Story publishing Part 1 - 07.10.2022

    Voting phase - 07.10.2022 until 10.10.2022

    Event running from 12.10.2022 until 17.10.2022

    Story publishing Part 2 - 14.10.2022

    Voting phase - 14.10.2022 until 17.10.2022

    Event running from 19.10.2022 until 24.10.2022

    Story publishing Part 3 - 21.10.2022

    Voting phase - 21.10.2022 until 24.10.2022

    Event running from 26.10.2022 until 31.10.2022

    Only the reactions indicated in each option will be valid. The announcement of the winner option will happen on 11.10.2022, 18.10.2022 and 25.10.2022.