Alliance [NOOB] = This alliance insults everybody !!!

  • Queen Leo : Noob is an insult ? Yes or No ?

    Because a Tag like this is an insult for me and for The Game, Stylez and others players.

    We have to speak about this. Noob is Ok or Not ?

    I find that absurd.

    If I am penalized for using the word: Noob

    I think this alliance has to change his name.

    The Game can't support this. And Me either.

  • As I have told you on more than one occasion, the word itself is fine. Noob is even part of OGame, as in noob protection. However, when you call specific players that are clearly not new players noobs, then you are using it as an insult, and it has been handled that way accordingly. If an entire alliance chooses to call themselves noobs, then that is their right. They're not hurting anybody by doing so.

    It's entirely possible to banter with other players here on the board and in-game without calling them derogatory names and insulting them. There was a time when we were able to relax our moderation efforts here to a certain extent and let a lot more playful banter occur. I would love to return to those times, but unfortunately a few people have wrecked that for everybody, because they don't seem to be able to play well with others when given a bit more freedom.

    If we can all agree to just take a deep breath and calm down and not report every single board post and complain about every other word people post, then maybe we could return to being a bit more relaxed. I would certainly love to do that, as it's a lot easier and a lot more fun.


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  • Noob Slayers is Okay ? They call themselves Noob Slayers. If they hit you. They suggest that you are Noob right ?

    You are less relaxed because too much players report messages. I am sorry to hear that. I am old school player.

    When i say Noob it's just rhetoric, a joke.

    Some players complain too much for nothing. You speak about Malicious right ? You banned me after he reported my message when i called him Noob.

    And of course THE GAME : A well of tears.

    To everybody, Stop reporting messages now. Us Team needs to be relaxed. Like this we will recover our freedom.

    Enjoy this game !