Atlas Vs [DECO]

  • Atlas Vs [DECO]

    Rules :

    "A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts."

    Standard War :

    no terms, no conditions and no limits

    bashing rule is lifted 12 hours later.

    Problems :

    They sell deut to Jake

    Ending war :

    No End

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  • Ending war :

    When they are all destroyed.

    Confirmed that Atlas is not in an alliance, however, you seem to have put a condition on ending the war, even though you said no terms, conditions, or limits. Either this need to be removed, or this will be considered a Limited Duration war, which needs agreement of both sides before it can begin. Please clarify; bashing should have been lifted already, but this needs to be clarified first.


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  • Mao i will destroy you in first.

    His nickname is an insult for everybody.

    It's impossible to like and play with this kind of player.

    You are the worst player of ever. It's time for you to be destroyed.

  • It was fast lol

    Enjoy your vacation.

    We can not say that courage is the main quality of Mao

  • Agreed about the confusion; thank you for clarifying. I don't know why they're disabled, I didn't do it. I'll go see now.


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  • [DECO] alliance is disbanned :P

    List of players :












    I will destroy your accounts.

  • [DECO] alliance is disbanned


    "A standard war will end when either side disbands, changes name or the leaders agree to end it.
    It will also end if the "CRs only" thread goes inactive (no posts for 7 days)."

    This war is over. Bashing limits resume.


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