Atlas Vs [JAKE]

  • Atlas Vs [JAKE]

    Rules :

    "A single player may declare war but only if they do not have an alliance. If they are in a single person alliance, it must be disbanded before the war starts."

    Standard War :

    no terms, no conditions and no limits

    bashing rule is lifted 12 hours later.

    Problems :



    Credit Card



    Mao nickname

    Stylez Game Play

    Ending war :

    No End

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  • Ending war :

    Malicious fleet destroyed by Stylez

    And All Jake fleet destroyed

    Confirmed that Atlas is not in an alliance, however, you seem to have put conditions on ending the war, even though you said no terms, conditions, or limits. Either these need to be removed, or this will be considered a Limited Duration war, which needs agreement of both sides before it can begin. Please clarify; bashing should have been lifted already, but this needs to be clarified first.


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  • stylez i will moon pop you baby.

    The best opportunist player is locked.

    Tell me when you can play fair play.

    i will teach you good manners

    first : Say good bye to yours moons.

  • Someone can call Jake ?

    They are almost all on Vmode or ...

    Amazing view

    THE GAME wake up please

    You are under missiles :)

    Edit +6min after this message

    The Game Wake up !

    6H03 ST

    Missile Attack19.06.2021 11:59:19

    From: Fleet Command
    12 rockets from your planet smashed into the planet

    28 Attacking rocket(s) was/were destroyed by enemy anti-ballistic missiles.

    • 140961 Rocket Launcher
    • 26992 Light Laser
    • 1580 Heavy Laser
    • 122 Ion Cannon
    • 329 Gauss Cannon
    • 1678 Plasma Turret (-11)
    • 1 Small Shield Dome (-1)
    • 1 Large Shield Dome
    • 28 Anti-Ballistic Missiles (-28)
    • 0 Interplanetary Missiles

    Play Ogame you will wake at 03 AM to check if nobody IPM you



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  • We only accept war if Atlas (TMO) stays out of vmode during the entire war. otherwise we dont see a war. you can do what you want but its just you coming out of vmode for 2 hours every two days to spam ipms and try to moon destruct. you can do that in a war or not.

    could you clarify admins, does the spam ipm rule get overuled during war? asking for a friend.


    too many to count

  • Lol you are a very disturbed incompetent person. This the only thing you can do since you can’t even touch a fifth of my fleet. Karma always comes around and gets as you know already when you crossed us in Merk and you lost your entire account to us. Keep enjoying yourself while it lasts. Planet defense and moons can easily be replaced.

    Notice: Insult ~Queen Leo

  • kind of depends. If there is actually defense at the missiled location, if a reasonable number of missiles are sent at a time, etc., then it's permitted. If missiles are being sent where there is no defense (and please don't scrap your defense and then try to convince us that it was empty the whole time), or one missile is being sent at a time to keep the attack icon flashing, etc., then it becomes an overview spam issue. Generally speaking though, sending missiles is a valid game mechanic and if they're legitimately being used to destroy defenses, then no rules are being broken by sending them, regardless of whether it's a war situation or not.


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  • hours of flashing most missions of 1-4 missiles 4 seconds apart. But now he reads that and im sure he will just adjust it to not be out of the rules.


    too many to count

  • Hello Noobs : stylez and THE GAME

    Notice: Stop with the name-calling. ~Queen Leo

    I have the right to put the vacation mode when I want. It's not against the rules.

    Nothing indicates that the war is over when I'm in vacation mode. Just 7 days inactives. It won't happen :)

    stylez can't write the rules. So please stop crying like this. it's really embarrassing...

    Queen Leo feel like I'm dreaming.

    Stylez and The Game are allow to ask you to ban me on the board....

    He said : Spam IPM

    he implies that I'm cheating when I'm not. It is against the rules of the board. He must be warned.

    Do I allow myself to talk about him as a cheater on the board, while that is one? No i don't because i respect the rules.

    stylez i am not supposed to spam you with my IPM. I launched them at 4H ST. Tell me why you not sleep ? Get a life. I pity you.

    I launched IPM 4 by 4 because it's more difficult for you to build ABM. That is all.

    If you not like this you can stop to play. It's not my business. I don't care if you like it or not.

    To conclude this war will last indefinitely like this. I will be there for you.

    You deserve it and you know it.

    And now play and stop cry.

  • Okay, that's enough. Stop with the name-calling. The only one causing problems in this thread is you. They did not accuse you of cheating OR ask me to ban you in this thread, you are actually the only one doing that. Please be civil and stop with this nonsense.


    ~Thank you to my sig artist, fulmine0_1~

  • Ok no problem

    we have enough spoken.

    Now Moon Pop Mission and IPM

    Let's have fun

    Ps : The game told me "disturbed incompetent person"

    And Queen Leo you said nothing to him.

    So i can call him like this too? It's good ?

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  • and i am not the only one to be on Vmode

    Mao i am waiting you :)

    Love Love

  • The only one causing problems in this thread is you.

    We are agree to say that it was a mistake to write that.

    because The Game insulted me first with the previous message. I just said they are noobs. And know it's an insult because it's me. You can warn a lot of people on this board.

    So i am not the only one causing problems but you see only me. It's different.

    I often point out to you your errors in judgment. And it is very often against me. Not to say all the time.

    I find that regrettable. It is however very obvious.

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  • you started with the name calling. Saying noobs so don’t turned it around on us