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  • Good evening,

    dear [Admin] v0ldem0rt

    I've opened these thread because a lot of italian players are complaining about your choise of merges. Those merges are completely a MESS. Is like you took random universes, and put it together

    OGame.IT- Group 1

    Exodus IT150 - Xanthus IT154 - Bellatrix IT143 - Quaoar IT152 - Zibal IT 152

    Target IT131 - Eridanus

    OGame.IT- Group 2

    Exodus IT156 - Dorado IT149 - Wezn IT151 - Norma IT160 - Octans IT166 - Yildun IT167 - Himalia

    Target IT155 - Cosmos

    OGame.IT- Group 3

    Exodus IT157 - Europa IT158 - Fenrir IT164 - Leda IT165 - Mensa IT168 - Pasiphae IT169 - Quasar

    Target IT161 - Indus

    OGame.IT- Group 4

    Exodus IT159 - Galatea IT148 - Virgo IT163 - Kalyke IT153 - Aquarius

    Target IT162 - Janice

    Virgo, Fenrir, Europa, Wezen, Yldun, Galatea, Indus, Kalyke and Sombrero are universes balanced with each other.

    I can't understand why, you didn't ask for first an opinion to the Italian community. We are gamers, most of us are spending MONEY for play this game and for pay You for do a better work. My opinion, you (OGAME ADMIN IN GENERAL) are not doing a good job.

    Can we stop this mess, and talk about it, tring to find a better balance?

  • First of all, this is the US community, I'm Admin here, and the decisions I can make concern only the US community.

    Second, if you want to complain about something on the IT community, you have to open a thread on the .IT board.

    I'm a teamler also on .IT, and I'm GO there, not an admin. I have no powers about the merges.

    Please stop complaining here about something not regarding this community and about something is out of our power.