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  • What is a headhunt?

    OGame is a war game and the point of the game is to attack other players to profit from them, thus building up your own account. Sometimes players have disagreements, and they battle out those disagreements with their fleets. The advantage in those battles often lies with the larger player, as a smaller player may have trouble fighting back, and that's where a headhunter may come into play. A smaller player may wish to hire a headhunter to attack a target and destroy that target's fleet. The rules for hiring a headhunter are outlined below.

    Rules for Headhunts (Bounties)

    Do not post any account-specific information about the hunted person here on the board.

    • Account-specific information includes coordinates, fleet composition, online times, and any other information that could give advantages to players other than the prospective headhunter.
    • All information about the prospective target should be shared via private messages.

    Headhunts must be approved by a Game Operator before they happen. Payment can only be made after all of the conditions of the headhunt have been fulfilled. When you are making arrangements with a prospective headhunter, you must agree on the following items.

    • Specifically what will be accomplished in the headhunt. (For example, player Vader will hunt and destroy the main fleet of player Obi Wan. The fleet is approximately 300k LF, 50k HF, 1 million SC, 500k cruisers, 100k BC, 50k destroyers, 10k bombers, 150k recyclers, and 100 deathstars.)
    • The payment that the headhunter will receive from you. See the three bullets below for payment guidelines. (For example, player Luke Skywalker will pay Vader 100% of his deuterium consumption for fleet and recyclers. Based on simulations, this amount should be approximately 25,000,000 deuterium.)
    • If the headhunter is higher-ranked than you are, you can pay 100% of the hunter's deuterium consumption to attack and recycle the hunted player.
    • If the headhunter is very close in rank to your own rank, you can pay 100% of the hunter's deuterium consumption to attack and recycle the hunted player.
    • If the headhunter is lower-ranked than you are, you can pay the hunter any amount as long as the amount paid is not enough for the hunter to overtake you in points. To determine the allowed amount, find the difference in points (higher-ranked-player's-points minus lower-ranked-player's-points) and multiply that number of points by 1000. The result is the amount of resources that would bring the lower-ranked-player up to the point total of the higher-ranked-player. The amount you pay must be less than this amount. (Note: You and the headhunter must agree on an approximate amount prior to seeking approval for the headhunt, but the actual amount paid will be based on the points of you and the headhunter after the attack, when the ticket is submitted.
    • The expected timeframe of the headhunt. The time must be 30 days or less; if agreement is made, permission is granted, and the headhunt is not completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, the original headhunt becomes null and void, and permission must again be sought (via ticket) and received in order for it to continue.

    When you have found a headhunter, you must open a ticket and provide the following information in the ticket:

    • The name and homeworld coordinates of the target.
    • The name and homeworld coordinates of the headhunter.
    • The expected result of the headhunt.
    • The expected timeframe of the headhunt.
    • The payment that will be made to the headhunter upon completion of the headhunt. Note that you are providing approximate deut consumption, but the actual amount spent must be paid upon completion of the headhunt. The headhunter will be required to give you the API codes from the battle and harvests as soon as the headhunt is completed.
    • The URL to your headhunt post on the board.

    Once the Game Operator has granted permission for the headhunt, the headhunter can begin to hunt the target.

    Once the headhunt is completed, you must reply to the original ticket, providing the API codes from the combat(s) as well as the harvest(s). You will need to get these from the headhunter. You will also need to provide the exact amount of payment that you will be giving to the headhunter, and wait for GO confirmation before sending it.

    Once the GO has approved final payment, you may transport payment to the headhunter. Upon completion of the transport, one more reply needs to be made to the original ticket, with the transport report(s).

    Reply on your headhunt thread once the headhunt is finished, so that your thread can be closed.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your headhunt at any point in this process, please ask your Game Operator for assistance.

    Additional rules to take note of:

    1. IPM strikes are not considered to be attacks, and you may not hire a headhunter to IPM another player for you.
    2. If in the process of completing the headhunt, the headhunter violates the pushing or bashing rules, the headhunt will be considered null and void, and payment may not be collected by the headhunter.
    3. Multiple headhunts on the same target (in one universe) are not permitted. If a headhunt is already active on a particular target, you may not advertise looking for another one, even if you are not the buyer that arranged the first headhunt.
    4. A headhunt can only be approved if there was not an active headhunt on the target with the past 30 days.


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