[BOUNTY] : RaScHi Aka KiSSy => 1B of deut

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  • Hello,

    There is a bounty of 1B of deut on the suspected Traitor and Resources Buyer : RaScHi aka KiSSY

    This mission is not for [NGT] members of course because they are friends and it will be dubious.

    Who is RaScHi ?

    Before to be a Traitor he is a Resources Buyer. I have nothing against that of course.

    It's just want to help you to understand how he could up + 4,9M pts per day without Hits.


    Why he is a traitor ?

    Raschi helpt me with the reward system. He gave me moon.

    I helpt him too.

    He called me : My friend 7 days ago.

    And he betrayed me. I almsot sent him a message to asked helpt -_-

    And the D day he showed his real face and tried to hit me with his friends [NGT]

    He is Genral now.

    I can hit him my self but it will maybe wake up this uni

    So Thank :)

  • and that you wanted to make your profit from him, that he should pay money to the best fleeter to buy his fleet. We all have the evidence.

    your behavior disgusts me!

    He shoulds to sell his fleet lmao ?

    With the Black Market Place ?


    So now KiSSY is playing on it :love:

    So a guy spent 3/4K of € and just stop the day where he can do a massive hit ?


  • Rules, how do they work?


    The Diplomacy section is the wrong section for this thread.

    The Diplomacy section is for war declarations and alliance activities like

    • Announcing the creation of an alliance
    • Recruitment
    • Looking for an alliance
    • etc.

    Everything else goes in the normal universe section.


    So, on to the headhunt part of the rules...

    There are none.

    As such, headhunts are currently not allowed.

    The rules are being updated and will be available in the near future.

    At that point, you can offer your bounty provided it follows the posted rules.


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