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  • I open a new thread : graveyard server V2

    Because the first thread is closed....

    Somone has one of his account into the Graveyard ?

    If yes ? What can he do ?

    Thank you

  • Theoretically, when you open your Lobby, you'd see that your account is in Universe 300. Then when you get into that account, you should have an option to move your account - it will theoretically only list universes that you're eligible to move to (based on the criteria set by GF, such as rank). If you encounter any issues with it, you could open a ticket and we could help with it.


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  • When I moved my account out of the graveyard I couldn't select a uni because of of a loading wheel, so I just dropped a ticket, 72 hours later poof my account was moved, although they took out of vmodr when they did. So idk if they fixed that problem or not, so if they hadn't just drop a ticket and have some patience :thumbsup:

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  • The v-mode drops once you log into the account.

    Until then, your account should be protected in v-mode.

    In other words, you do not have to remove yourself from v-mode once you have merged from the graveyard server.

    All you have to do is log into the account.

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