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  • I play ogame on phone most of the times but i noticed that when i am trying to send my fleet somewhere, i click on one type of ship, select number of ships and when i click go (enter) on my keyboard it lowers my keyboard...all years before that whenever i clicked go (enter) it just moved from that type of ship to next type in particular when i am doing expeditions and i don't have enough dm atm for commander, i click 1 reaper, then i click go then it slect pathfinders and i click 1 and then small cargos (i click go because i don't send them) and it slects larve cargos 1600 and i skip others and select 1 probe and i send it....but now whenever i click go i have to pick manually each ship type...

    Its like when you are on 2nd step of sending fleet and you know exact coordinates in other click galaxy number amd enter it, then you click go and enter system and system position...all done in 2 seconds ! (I don't have problem with that, it works there but not in 1st step) now what i could do in 3 seconds of sending fleet it takes me at least 15....

    Whoever doesn't know what i'm talking about i can upload video on yt because idk how to upload large video file anywhere (screen recording)