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  • I can remember what 1999 was like. Y2K discussion was everywhere, people were preparing for the end of life as we knew it, and stockpiling food, water, generators, and everything else that they thought would be needed to survive a digital collapse. It was certainly the craziest year I had ever seen. Then 1999 ticked over into 2020 and nothing happened. We all laughed a little bit at the preparations, and then went about our lives as normal. Looking back now, even though it seemed so crazy then, it was anything but...

    2020 has been hands' down the weirdest year I can ever remember. As if a giant wildfire raging through Australia, a drone strike on Iran, and a pandemic weren't enough, we also had the murder hornets, earthquakes, floods, more forest fires, aircraft crashes, riots, and tremendous losses of life. There were a lot more crazy events that happened too; it's like 2020 is trying to top yesterday ten-fold...every single day.

    And yet, here we are. Poised on the brink of 2021, and our little community is still going strong. No one knows what 2021 will hold, and even I am not insane enough to utter the phrase "it can't possibly be worse than 2020" because I think 2020 has shown us more than enough times that yes, it actually can get worse. I don't know what the new year will bring, but I am hopeful that each of us will find hope, gratitude, tolerance, and humility. I don't think any of us could have imagined what 2020 would be like, but I hope that we have all survived and will somehow come out better for it.

    To all of you that are struggling, or that have lost loved ones to the events of this year, my heart goes out to you. This is hard. It's harder than anything else we've ever had to go through, but we are all in this together. If you're having a hard time, please reach out to someone. Find support and strength somewhere. As we wait to usher 2021 in, my hope is that you are all safe and healthy wherever you are. Stay strong, friends.

    And now for the less sentimental part of this post! If you're going to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, please do so safely. If you are partying, be safe. And above all else, never ever drink and fleet! It never ends well. If you must drink to celebrate, please fleet save first! :beer:

    Happy New Year,

    Your OGame.us Team


    ~Thank you to my sig artist, fulmine0_1~