Why is .us Dying?

  • Ogame.us is dead. Not Dying. Debat is over.

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  • It's not only US problem. Ogame is dying everywhere. Gameforge removed the referral system, so many people don't even invite friends. This game is hard, that's true. When you finish all tutorial missions you are not good player, there are still many things to learn. It needs time, and you can have destroyed your fleet and resources with one mistake, it's it is very demotivating. And since last ~2 years there are many bugs, sometimes they are critical. And Gameforge can't fix them, or when they do, they also creating more bugs. I don't know, but I think the game code is too old and too complicated for new changes, and when they update some part of the game, the other part is creating bugs. To avoid it in the future they should rewrite whole game, but they won't do it, because Ogame is not 1st on the GF's priority list. They are slowly killing this game.

  • I've played off and on for around 10 years now and for me the thing that usually makes me leave is getting to the point on a server where it's impossible to climb higher in ranks because the top 25-50 accounts are usually paid to win. Granted i understand gameforge has to make their money like any business but perhaps making the pay 2 win advantage a little more balanced for those who just want to enjoy the game. I have seen many players who play casually everyday Quit and leave after less than a month of playing because they get crashed by a player who Spent $500 to accelerate their account

  • What is going on around here? I came back recently. I have three pending tickets. No admin or staff responses. The boards are a mess. DM has gone crazy. Different times lol

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  • Ogame has gone from a relatively balanced/free to play game to one that yields significant benefits to those who plop down $$$ for Dark Matter(particularly at Universe start). Back when I played in the "Origin" days(when 9 Planets was the hard-cap, ACS was virtually brand-new(Universe 5 on .org being that exclusive Universe at that time)), the player count was vibrant and active to where a player could literally hide in Galaxy 9 and no one would bother heading out that way due to all the targets in Galaxies 1-4. People liked the game because it had a "Rome wasn't built in a day" mentality. You had to be strategic and work for your Empire through grit and determination. Then when they implemented Officers, the first "feature" to grant Premium perks besides Commander, there was a major player backlash. Those that stayed were subjected to further P2P creep with "items"(in-game boosts that yield Resources over time, Premium Planet Slots(permanently boosting Planet Size...), Premium Moon slots(say what...), Moonshots, Buildings(rushing), Ships(rushing), Defenses(rushing) or Research(rushing). The latter items lead to "instant" Ninja's, which take virtually no skill whatsoever. Then there's the in-game Trader which allows players to instantly convert one or more resources into another. While on the surface that isn't too bad, it allows players to get Emergency Deuterium or completely convert their Deuterium into something else so that they can then dump it onto Defense at the last minute to spite an Attacker. Then there is simply buying Resources out of thin air. How is that "fair"? As a result, Ogame earned the reputation of being yet another P2P game and people avoid it as a result.

    You take away Officers(leaving just Commander) and items(save for maybe Newtron that rushes Research or give us the means to "rush" Research by consuming X Deuterium(akin to the Academy on Ikariam), and you'll balance the playing field somewhat. Player Class/Alliance Class/Lifeforms are all Account Specialization, which is "free" and up to player choice(although switching should come with an in-game cost that **DOESN'T** require Dark Matter(say Food or something and is multiplied by number of planets in Empire. Alliance Class changes should be free(personal opinion)). In-Game Merchant that converts Resources can remain since it's one of the premium features I can tolerate but buying resources out of thin air has to go.

    Finally, fixing bugs and promoting the game a bit can do wonders(Invite links do help here). You could then "sell" Premium custom skins(which the game had back in the day, not sure if they're still around now) that basically changed how the game looked(Light Fighter had a picture of an A-Wing, Heavy Fighter had a picture of a Y-Wing just to give you an example. RIP's were obviously the "Death Star" just in case you were wondering while Destroyers were "Star Destroyers").

  • its pay to win or have a 10+ year old account. I played when draco merged with uni 1. 2012-13 era. Lots of different types of players. Some really good players too. Now its different. Its more pay to win then ever. The fun factor is still there but its not the same. Log on do expos/FS and dip out. Collector sucks until late game or as said before cash players. Explorer is really all free to play players have. General is only worth it if you have a top fleet and stay busy. Ogame itself kills uni's between new uni's and new features. The above mentioned solo class looks like a good balancing idea. General either needs a ship attack speed boost or say can Collect 10% more DF. For example ymir is wonderful as far as uni stats but the effects of p2w and new lifeforms killed it. Timing on when new uni's and new features come out is important. Yet ogame has its primary reasons. Follow the money. The community is also different. Glad we have some good players still but its not the same.

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    -Board Staff: They censor beyond reproach. One day we will be asked to provide feedback. The next, any negative feedback is deleted/warned/harassed by board staff. There is no unified modding system anymore. And the BA can't seem to unify the staff behind any one system of moderation. Not to mention board staff asking for an API key 2 weeks after a hit occurered when the key has expired or your top 10 hit that you spent 200K DM and stayed up until 5 AM spamming lanx doesn't count. At point, we were told to stop complaining in the "bugs and complaints section"!

    They do this in game too. It seems to be a real thing not just in this game but in the USA. We live in a world where you are no longer entitled to free speech. Censorship and cancel culture is a thing now. The judge, jury and executioner are the weak and defenseless. The people whom were bullied and due to the threat of legal matters GF and mods/managers not just in game but in your workplace and schools must step in and stop the "violence." You may ask, "How have we arrived here?" Simple Answer, parents whom are incapable of raising a MAN to defend himself from bullies, tyrants, and hoodlums.

    This is 2022 and you can no longer be a man and trash talk your enemies, this 2022 where you can no longer fight back but ask someone else to do it for you. It's too easy to play the victim card and ask the social police to help you. It is a sad time for the game and the USA as a whole. We are not raising men, we are raising boys to be women and pretend that women and men should be treated equally. Women are the most precious things on earth and must be protected and treated with the upmost respect and courtesy and MEN will never learn respect or how to defend himself or the ones he loves without bullies. The real world doesn't play fair and by protecting our children from victimless crime such as being insulted is only a recipe for a weak and emotional society. This is a War Game, insults will happen. This is a War Game, cheating will happen. Battles may be lost but the war can still be won. With the right voice, motivation, planning, rules and advice we have the opportunities to teach ourselves and our kids to be patient, overcome loss and win the war.

    Just my two cents.

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  • totally agree. They also have to stop accelerating the death of the game by adding more and more DM cheats like these resources boxes and more stuff they keep adding for some reason. I've played for 8+ years - we have to bring back players and competition not more ways to make universes die faster and faster.

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