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  • I am somewhat surprised that some are still active and without ban ...

    Not only do you have to put up with a player who spends all his salary in the game and who I believe broke the world record in ogame with points at the beginning of the universe and in money invested in the game ... You also have to put up with players with multi-accounts ..

    I have known this system for years ... I play ogame since 2002 and in .es, .mx and .ar I have come across some players like this ... The strategy is as follows and if not the same, I am sure it is very similar

    They create accounts, raise nanite to level 7 or similar, save and save resources (now with expeditions) and this is where it varies, some gather the resources of 7 accounts in an inactive account or another of some ally with a different IP and then attack that account where they collected all the billions ... But in this case what I see is that they keep the accounts inflated individually, always in the same ss all or close, a maximum of 2 or 3 planets, and they attack, they take out what they want and then magically the planet with or without a moon is destroyed, and the next multi-account follows.

    And I miss that it attacks at different times of the day and the player always fled, but magically minutes later even while on, pff goodbye floats.

    Notice: Name and shame threads (accusing others of cheating) are against the rules.

    If you have a complaint about another player, please use the Support ticket system to have a game operator check on things.


  • Unfortunately this isn't the place for that. If you have suspicions about players in a universe, please submit a support ticket outlining your suspicions and it will be investigated.