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  • Hi. It's me. You're neighborhood pain in the a$$. I want to start out by clarifying that I am posting this in a very amicable mood and from a point of clarification and not attack. The questions is for [Admin] hawk .

    Recently there has been a string of posts that have been seemingly deleted. I know I personally had reported some of them and I appreciate the action, however, in the past posts were not just disappeared. Generally they were edited for censored and clarification of a notice/warning and the reason why were depicted at the bottom of the post. Is the moving or complete deletion of these posts a change in board policy?

    I always saw the previous method of editing and posting the disciplinary action and justification as a form of transparency as well a learning opportunity for others to understand what not to do.

    Thanks for your time,


    ~Thanks for the siggy Silverwind!~

  • Hello,

    You are correct, the normal procedure is to have posts remain on the threads with the corrective actions that the situation requires, I'll take a look into those you mentioned.

    We do want to have everything in public so you can all see and understand what is being done.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    I'll be closing the thread as i've answered your question and will look into it.