Moon Destruction – Forced Recall Time-back Attempting: needs your help!

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  • a video could be nice. but really we are talking about basic math. A screenshot of a clear lanx at xx xx 34 for instance. and the dev being able to see that the server recorded the recall of the fleet at xx xx 37 for instance, should be sufficient info to find the problem. or in some cases the fleet was recorded as gettting recalled 21 sec later. so xx xx 55. i could post a video of that. but like i said. its a video of 21 sec showing an empty lanx. when really, you only need to see the first iteration or instance of the empty lanx and compare it to when the server "thinks" it was empty. thats it.

  • I'm glad we got a new P2W feature today instead of fixing any of the game breaking bugs. Guys don't waste your time with proving this bug. Its not worth it. They obviously don't care to fix this game. They just want more of your money and they will repay you with more P2W features and crappy customer service.

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