Top 01 - + Goodbye HIT [TOT: 2.614.661.965.000] konev [N_F] vs. Volke [BooM] (A: 754.597.840.000, D: 1.860.064.125.000)

  • More drama... Congratz Volke on a well deserved break from O-crack. Hope you can stay away and enjoy real life. As others have said, you have pretty much reached every goal and achievement possible, taking the game to new levels. Xy. most certainly did spice up Peg during his turn at the helm there. I have one phrase for him "Friends don't let friends play O-crack" :biggrin2:ย ย ย :Ace25:
    There has always been backstabbing & drama in game, & I don't expect that to change anytime soon. Yes, the numbers are epic, but give it another 5 years after Gameforge comes out with pirate hunters 2.0, Automatic resource generator 3.0 & insta fleet building 4.0 ... Eventually these numbers will look like your typical advanced 20%.

    Volke, go enjoy some time without drama, kick back and have a brew :beer:

  • \Was he planning to hit me since I merged with MCB instead of him? \


    Sorry to burst your bubble DP, but Volke was VERY clear in an early pm just before merge that you were the only member of MCB he wouldn't fly on.

    STRYKE is referenced here and there as enemies and maybe there was something to support that behind closed doors, but I can echo the general community with regard to Volke being a standup guy. In a post-merge world where everyone is looking for easy hits and working hard to set up spies and betrayals, I was always appreciative of the chats we had and even got the chance to work together a little bit in Yildun. Volke played with me with honor and integrity, something I greatly appreciate. I'm well removed from the history and drama of players from outside Oberon and I've always held respect and appreciation for the political strategy that comes with Ogame, but I am truly sad to see Volke take this hit. One of the few fleeters that I've enjoyed sharing a uni with outside my alliance, Its a shame my experience with him ended up being so short lived.

    I salute you sir, I hope you find it in you to continue to be a part of this community and to fight back, but if you don't, I hope you enjoy your retirement and move on to find just as much success in your next endeavor as you did here. 07

  • Great battle, interesting story ... but .. OGame has been a pig game for a long time, because many OGame knights have left this game .. !!

    ! Who touches the god, the devil will take him away !