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  • Hello i want to suggest about auctioneer. We submit our bids and this bid was displays on auctioneer. In my suggestion, each item will have minimum value at the beginning such as 1000. Then, players can submit their bids whatever they wants. For example; i offered 1.000.000 for this item but at this point, shown value will be 1001. Then, some other players tried to bid a value lower than my offer (e.g. 750.000), system automatically says "X player made an higher value than you, please make another bid". And the value will be automatically 750.001 by me. When someone passes me, value will be 1.000.001.

    This system may cause more consume on our reserves at the beginning. However, it will regulate the auctioneer system because each item will have an average market value. People will concern about this and they will make more cautious offers in the future. Still, some players make offers bigger than this average value when they needed desired item but generally items' value will be regulated.

    Edit: This system is applied in other type of game and i adapted it according to Ogame.