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  • Hi,

    I am developping a new website for now severals weeks. The first release can be shown to public and can be accepted in state like it is for now.

    I present you a new web site, that permit to know :

    - the top / flop player score on sliding 24h (and link images for seen on board or others forums)

    - top 10 player score

    - top 10 alliance score

    - player status (new i, new MV, new b, new deleted, new nicknames changes)

    - Servers characteristics (individual and all)

    - player score (all types) and difference in 3 periods (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) => 1 month will come

    - player planetes and moons

    - alliance score (all types) and difference in 3 periods (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) => 1 month will come

    - alliance members with score (type 0) and diff (type 0) on same period

    - All score is shown with the real date, from the API with your connection UTC time (when available) otherwise it show UTC time

    - Search player and alliance (with score and position)

    - the most wanted player and alliance (with a page that count the number of all pages seen)

    - show player status in color (in home, player, alliance, rankings, and search pages)

    - Galaxy exploration

    - Scores exploration

    All those informations are for ALL SERVERS of Ogame

    It come for now in 2 languages, English and French. It will, I hope, be in many others languages.

    It is free, only a donation button is accessible for those people have the possibility to donate and encourage this project.

    There is a discord server for contact me, on features requests, bugs, gold book or others things like they want.

    That's it for now but I have requested a key for API. CR converter and Combat simulator will come but I think not soon (need really lot lot of work)

    The website is accessible on https://ogamers.eu

    Let my website be a toolerated tools

    Thanks per advance

    Ogamers developper