Suggestion: Inactive players loot

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    • Who cares about inactives? 90% of them do not even have single storage at lvl1 and I would delete that accounts after just 10days of inactivity to make space for new players...
      I would more like to see only inactive players with 500+ points first 2months then only 2k+ for first 6months and on the end only 5k+ point inactives after 1year so they would not get deleted after 35days like others if there is enough space for new players. That way active players have chance to farm something and 50% is enough if you can find inactive player with 100-200k resources and if 50% is not enough for you just send more attacks :D

    • Suggestions have to first fall into a realistic category, and then past that it takes a lot of time to develop them properly.

      Gameforge does a lot of suggestions. In most recent history we had the game lobby system created, upgraded, and updated with player input ---in particular account giveaways and exchanges which I believe you are the happy benefactor of, yes?

      Player suggestions have also had a huge impact on the US community having it's own forum board in the near future instead of being a part of another community's board.

      Our tireless GA , @Queen Leo is often in communication with "state of the Union" concerns in every Universe to help facilitate settings changes and make notes for future mergers that she can recommend to the COMA and higher.

      The GAs also have polls for new Universe settings so people have a good chance to get what they want.

      I'm not sure what suggestions "no one is doing anything about" but I assure you there's a ton of player input, some I haven't even mentioned here.

      Lastly, most suggestions dealing with game changes aren't going to be read here on the US board. Gameforge has two options for that now: One is to join the Origins board and work through ideas there, and the more recent and more effective one is to use the STOMT button which the development team actually reads.
    • zera wrote:

      There hasn't been a decent update since space dock

      So updating so Inactives generate more res for lazy farming is a "decent" upgrade?

      I just find your statement "Too bad that no one is doing anything about suggestions" a little insulting when you clearly don't have a clear view of the progression of upgrades and efforts that make a difference in how we play.

      Gameforge doesn't always move as fast as we like but everyone from GA level up is concerned and works hard to make things for a better game. Being dismissive about it is just rude.