State of the Union - Tarazed

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    • RiLeY wrote:

      80% - more to steal, and easier to recover (why waste 70% of ress)

      Number of Galaxies: Not sure....Can it even be shrinked to 5 if there are people in g6-g9 ?
      Good points. I agree with all except:

      Deut Consumption: I think we will have to let the voting decide.

      DF: It used to be 70% wasted rez. I will bring experience from a 70% DF uni here. The higher the DF the less effective the Space Dock. Right now my lvl 4 space dock lets me rebuild 35% of my destroyed ships, that is a pretty healthy number. In a 70% uni its closer to 16% so in 80% uni it would only recover 14%? Not as good for the defender.

      Galaxies: They should let us change this (if they give a couple relocates)... its likely to change later with a merge anyways.
    • 0x00 wrote:

      bumping this post. I want to make sure we get this poll opened on the day our server turns 6 months old. I think we only have 2 weeks left.
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there was just a big round of settings collections (polls) and changes made; it'll be a while before they do another round of changes. It's not going to happen on your 6-month birthday, you just have to be at least 6 months old to participate. You'll be able to participate the next time it happens. :)

      ~Thank you for the beautiful sig, Silverwind~
    • Okay, we're going to start collecting information so that we can do another round of polls, and Tarazed is finally old enough to participate now. What we don't know is when any voted-on changed would occur. Gameforge makes changes to several communities at once, and they're getting ready to do a batch of changes right now, so I don't have a date on when it would occur again. However, there's a process that takes time to get ready to do a poll and then run it, so we can certainly start that process now.

      What I need you guys to do now is get as many people from Tarazed here to discuss and agree on the one option for each setting you guys want changed the most.

      Then when the poll goes live, at least 80% of the people that receive the poll must vote on an option in order for that setting to win. The reason we need to go with only two options, is because of the 80% needed to make a change - it becomes more and more complicated with each additional option offered in the polls. This means if you guys really want changes, you need to roust your alliance, your buddies, and whoever else you're able to contact and get them around to be able to vote when the time comes.

      For example, suppose Universe X has current settings economy 4x, deuterium consumption 100%, and fleet speed 2x. The most wanted changes are economy 6x and deut consumption 50%. The in-game poll will have only the options economy 4x (the current setting) and 6x; deut consumption 100% (the current setting) and 50%. If 80% (or more) of the people receiving the poll vote for economy 6x and only 72% of the people receiving the poll vote for deut consumption 50%, the economy speed will increase to 6x and the deut consumption will stay the same.

      Tarazed's current settings are: 1x Fleet | 4x Eco | + 25 Fields | 9 Galaxies | 30% DF | 100% Deut (Also ACS is enabled, espionage probe storage is off, systems and galaxies are circular, and there is no defense-to-debris.)

      Drag all your people here and discuss and decide on the one option you want to vote on to change for any settings you wish to try to change. I need every single setting that anybody wants to try to change to be discussed here, because polls aren't something we can just redo later if someone doesn't mention something now and then wants it changed in a month or two. Once this has been done, I will pass the options up to Prongs and he can set up the in-game polls. If you have questions about this process, now is the time to get them asked and answered, right here in this thread.

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    • Senator Sigma wrote:

      Current settings: 1x Fleet | 4x Eco | + 25 Fields | 8,000 DM | 9 Galaxies |30% DF |100% Deut|

      Economy (currently 4x) - 7x
      Research speed (not possible if econ 7x) - 6x
      Deuterium consumption (currently 100%) - 50%
      Espionage probe storage (currently OFF) - off
      Debris feilds (currently 30%) - 50%?
      The research speed bonus isn't possible if economy is 7x.

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    • Hi All,

      Current settings are OK as for me (mainly that's why I chose this uni). However Tarazed is nearly a dead uni (with around 50-60 active players?) and most of us thinks it will be merged with other uni(s) soon. Our fear is that Tarazed is far behind even newer unis (e.g. Uriel) and we don't really want to start with a big handicap after a merge. If it is the plan I would prefer a huge eco boost, because the advantage of other unis on us are growing continuously. I don't prefer any other change, especially fleet speed (I would immediately quit the game if it changed).

      Sovereign Metis
    • New

      From what I can see, it's pretty clear that you want to vote on these settings.

      Economy: 4x (current setting) or 7x
      Deut consumption: 100% (current setting) or 50%

      However, there's some discrepancy about DF. Most of you didn't mention it, but one person wants 50% and one person wants 80%. There needs to be a majority agreement about ONE option to include in a poll for it to be added, so do you guys want to discuss possible DF changes for the next few days?

      Also, only one person mentioned wanting 2x fleet speed. I can't add it to a poll for one person. Thoughts from the rest of you?

      Only one person mentioned wanting espionage probe storage on; see the above comment. Other thoughts about this?

      ~Thank you for the beautiful sig, Silverwind~
    • New

      I guess that people who mentioned an eco boost don't want to change anything regarding fleets. It's not a problem to keep it at x1, i just wanted to see if anyone else feels the same :)
      But please put 50% deut consumption as an option, that also makes transport missions from outer galaxies a bit cheaper :)
      About DF, I'd still love to see 80% because less resources is being wasted in a battle (that could be a benefit on both sides).
      You can also put in fields on planet increase, i don't think anyone would disagree on that.

      So to make a list:
      x7 eco
      80% df
      50% deut
      Field increase

    • New

      Queen Leo wrote:

      From what I can see, it's pretty clear that you want to vote on these settings.

      Economy: 4x (current setting) or 7x
      Deut consumption: 100% (current setting) or 50%
      Economy: 4x (current setting) or 7x
      Deut consumption: 100% (current setting) or 50%
      DF: 30% (current setting) or 80%
      Fields: +25 (current setting) or +30

      ~Thank you for the beautiful sig, Silverwind~
    • New

      For me:

      Economy: 7x
      Deut consumption: 50%
      DF: 30% (current setting) because 80% it's too easy, you crash on the defense and it's profitable :blink: there is 0 difficulties :thumbdown:
      Fields: +30 because there will be x7 economie
      Tarazed top 10
      Uriel top 20

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