State of the Union - Oberon

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    • That's a bummer. I guess I didn't realize that when you said changes that could/should be discussed you meant we could vote on setting changes. we did hint at setting changes but it was never made clear a vote was an option. I just saw the other uni's start to get some votes and thought we might be able to. Guess we will just wait it out. Thanks for getting back to me though, I appreciate your remembering

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    • Well, to be fair, if you look back in this thread, I asked several times if there were changes that should be discussed that would help matters in Oberon, and the discussion kept returning to wanting another merge. I was juggling these conversations in just about every universe at the same time.

      The discussions and polls will happen again at some point, I'm just not sure when. Next time I start asking though, you guys will need to get involved more in the discussion and making your wants known. Also it would be helpful if more than 2 or 3 players are involved; some of the universes voted and didn't get changes because not enough people participated in the polls.

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    • And I acknowledged that you had asked about changes, but it was never directly said that a vote for setting changes was an option. I had no idea that was even an option until I saw other uni's voting. I'm sorry I didn't understand what you were asking. To be clear I am just trying to provide constructive feedback that this wasn't clear. I'm not insulting your job as a GA or saying you screwed us or anything like that.

      We had 3 of the ~10 active players comment and a 4th provide his likes. Not everyone is on the boards but you got feedback from 3 of the most active players. We also discussed this within our alliance discord so we were speaking for the alliance as a whole. I don't think anyone in the discrod chat understood setting changes was an option either. I'm just saying it's a shame we missed it and it wasn't more clear. Please keep us in mind the next time a vote is possible.

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    • .. There is no reason to get into a flame-blame-game here. I'm just trying to identify what we missed and how we can not miss it again...

      Now that we have the new lobby GF should Post all "Do you want your server settings changed / Vote to change settings" news there OUTSIDE each server you play on. That way, if I have a vmode account in say, Japetus...I can still vote and potentially come back if I know things are changing...

      Essentially, boards are a really poor tool for reaching the community, there just aren't enough players who take the time to log onto them. The lobby has some really nice features for posting news and acting as that attention grabbing point, to let players know when things are happening. I'd love to see GF take advantage of it, for the betterment of the community, rather than to just advertise their own products...

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    • I talked to Prongs this morning, and we can once again work toward getting polls set up and running. What we don't know is WHEN any voted-on changed would occur. Gameforge makes changes to several communities at once, and they're getting ready to do a batch of changes right now, so I don't have a date on when it would occur again. However, there's a process that takes time to get ready to do a poll and then run it, so we can certainly start that process now.

      What I need you guys to do now is get as many people from Oberon here to discuss and agree on the one option for each setting you guys want changed the most.

      Then when the poll goes live, at least 80% of the people that receive the poll must vote on an option in order for that setting to win. The reason we need to go with only two options, is because of the 80% needed to make a change - it becomes more and more complicated with each additional option offered in the polls. This means if you guys really want changes, you need to roust your alliance, your buddies, and whoever else you're able to contact and get them around to be able to vote when the time comes.

      For example, suppose Universe X has current settings economy 4x, deuterium consumption 100%, and fleet speed 2x. The most wanted changes are economy 6x and deut consumption 50%. The in-game poll will have only the options economy 4x (the current setting) and 6x; deut consumption 100% (the current setting) and 50%. If 80% (or more) of the people receiving the poll vote for economy 6x and only 72% of the people receiving the poll vote for deut consumption 50%, the economy speed will increase to 6x and the deut consumption will stay the same.

      Oberon's current settings are: 3x Fleet | 4x Eco | + 25 Fields | 5 Galaxies | 80% DF | 50% Deut (Also ACS is enabled, espionage probe storage is on, systems and galaxies are circular, there is 30% defense-to-debris, and there is not currently a research bonus being applied.)

      Drag all your people here and discuss and decide on the one option you want to vote on to change for any settings you wish to try to change. I need every single setting that anybody wants to try to change to be discussed here, because polls aren't something we can just redo later if someone doesn't mention something now and then wants it changed in a month or two. Once this has been done, I will pass the options up to Prongs and he can set up the in-game polls. If you have questions about this process, now is the time to get them asked and answered, right here in this thread.

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    • I vote 6x Econ speed and 7x research speed be included.

      Mao I’d love to have YOU back, but you haven’t even been out of vmode in more than like 8 months now to know what is going on in Oberon. Idk that I’d consider you the expert on what would bring people in.

      I’d love to hear from the community staff what they have seen in other uni’s or other communities. Are there any settings that DID seem to bring people back?

      We don’t really have that many turtles in Oberon and the ones that do quit because they don’t know how to fleet save and get crushed. Didf is eh and there are plenty of uni’s without it.

      We would be one of the only speed uni with speed research in the .us. THAT would bring more players than anything I think.
    • I'm with Mali, there are plenty of other unis that do not have DiDf. I understand it is an unpopular setting but we really enjoy it here. I guarantee no one in STRYKE would vote for it. It's our life blood.

      I would vote for 6x Eco and Research Boost

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    • when you say receive the poll. You mean those that actually vote correct?

      I just want to make sure we aren’t dinged for those that don’t log in or vote. Is there any way to track those that are perma vmode in this. Again I’d love to see people come back.

      But the idea of a poll being ruined by people who don’t even play in the uni anymore is daunting.
    • @Queen Leo. Is switching INTO a chaos uni an option? Better yet, is there a list of settings that can be changed? It would be easier to discuss with people if we had a ‘menu’ of options.

      In Oberon, most of the current player base is a few of us that have been around a while, and ALOT of new players that are still learning all the mechanics. I think it would help if we all could see the full list of what’s on the table to change, if possible.
    • I just recently returned to the game after a massive hiatus, started back in 2005 in Uni 9, also played in 17. Really miss the days of thousands of people on at one time in a active uni. I know that the redesign caused an exodus of players back in the day. I can't say that the game has change in the 8 or so years that I have been gone. I am all for anything that may get people out of VM or draw new players into Oberon, so I am all for a boost in Econ and research, and mergers as we can get them.
    • Fleet speed: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x
      Economy speed: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x
      Galaxies: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (default is 9)
      Debris field: 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% (default is 30%)
      Defense-into-debris-field: 0, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% (default is 0)
      Deuterium consumption: 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% (default is 100%)
      Research speed: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 12x (It has to be a multiple of econ speed; the default is 1)
      Linear/Circular: Galaxies and systems can be linear or circular; both are currently circular in Oberon
      ACS: ACS is enabled in Oberon; it could be disabled (the default is ACS on)
      Espionage probe storage: It is on in Oberon; it could be off (the default is off)

      *Economy speed HAS to be greater than or equal to fleet speed; it CANNOT be lower than fleet speed.

      I don't know if we could vote on adding chaos designation or not; put it in the list if you want to include it and I can find out, because I have to run everything past Prongs anyway.

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    • I dunno, a while. I'm not in a huge hurry, because I want to give people a chance to contribute. Maybe a week or two? I need time to sit down and digest everything into a complete list (for every universe involved in this) too. Is that long enough, or do you want longer than that?

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