TOP-02 [TOT:] papillon & lola & no face vs. Sera [DEUT] (A:, D: 6.069.977.000)

    • No 2

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    • First of all thanks to lola for the invitation to the fight. even if the profit was not particularly high, it was great fun.

      It shows again how characterless this university is. Obviously, many players are unable to adequately acknowledge a fight that has been conducted in a fair and compliant manner.

      We've been playing Ogame for a very long time, so we know how to get hold of your Res. But for us Ogame is still a game and we do not feel like setting the alarm every night to reclaim the fleet. How the game is played, you should leave to everyone ..

      I think lola has proved several times that she plays with skill. Ripping senseless moons because you do not know where the fleet is is not a skill.

      Volke, you say you have skill. We do not need any ready-made fleets.and pushaccs..For you, is it skill to win a fight through rule violation? I think I remember that you were barred for breaking the rule.

      It is true that lola has taken over the fleet from our friend crixus. The fleet was developed really well and that almost without mines production. and that without skill? I can only laugh at you

      WARNING: Flaming. / deadparrot

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    • i too have been playing ogame for a very long time. so let not try to "school" the community on how good this hit is when we all know its a spy and fly from vmode warriors. now what is odd is that the winners on this hit somehow walk themselves in cheating accusations, cry about past defeats, and just destroy their own credit by looking petty. learn from others with class, post your victory and move along.

      ill reopen this later. until then its closed and wont be moved.

      the cold hard parrot truth..
    • I am not sure if lola has no shame or no brain.

      Still accusing someone for cheating after she got banned for failed cheating trying to avoid getting hit. And yes, we still remember you recycling your ex-ally mates for few times. That same ally mates came out of long vmode trying to save you. They got banned with you too. Nothing suspicious? Oh right.

      You switched 3-4 accs here at Merkur. Your ORIGINAL acc was ~top50 (not sure if it was even that, probably a bit lower) while we played Merkur actively. Hearing you talking about some skills is pretty funny if you know some facts about you.

      After killing your fleet, you started using alarms with same pattern to wake you up for MDs. We all know why you went vmode. Waking up every night for few times to save your moons is pain in ass, especially if you have to work tomorrow.

      I am feeling sorry for you while reading your comments on forum. You are making clown of yourself.

      So clown, you should stop crying or bragging about your skills finally. My 80 years old grandmother would easy be top10 at Merkur. You showed your skills long time ago.

      Btw. Nice spy and fly in dead uni who died months ago and nobody cares anymore

      FR to lola's brain and Sera's fleet

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    • it's quite interesting to see some people create a new narrative. I guess with most of the initial account owners gone, lola thought it would be easier--it is just pathetic.