TOP-01 [TOT: 1.903.571.000] Malicious [STRYKE] & goxxy [AMISH] & Shadyj09 [STRYKE] & Kore [STRYKE] vs. Mao [N_U] (A: 250.241.000, D: 1.653.330.000)

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    • Lets start at the beginning. I'll keep it simple with specific quotes:
      • 15:10:28 Malicious Mao Offline @ 1445
      • 15:20:25 Kore@ where, I am at 1 445
      • 15:27:14 Malicious I don't have his fleet, just logging his activity.
      • 17:06:30 Malicious I'm going to crush Mao's moons @ 332 tonight. Flying now
      • 18:31:32 Kore did you launch already
      • 18:35:49 Malicious yep
      • 18:36:13 Malicious Crushing moon #5 in 2h 15M
      • 18:36:29 Kore did you launch on both, i will go for g2 moon at 105
      Sadly though, I did not crush that moon..
      • 20:47:58 Malicious Were you flying on him? I'm landing on Mao now
      • 20:48:50 Malicious lost wave 1
      • 20:49:52 Malicious lost 2, 3, and 4 lol
      • 20:50:28 Malicious and 5.... moon still stands, after 7 waves. :(
      A dismal start, but the night was still young!

      • 21:41:13 Kore first wave took it
      • 21:43:01 Kore and I have his fleet on lanx
      • 21:44:22 Malicious i'm here. screen shot it!
      Sure enough, his whole fleet was there returning from an ACS defend mission on a nearby. Kore could solo with notable losses, but we aren't about that, plus we wanted to ensure that ACS Defense, was not an option for N_U. With just Kore and I online, I fired up the bat signal! Sadly, this whole event wasn't planned ahead so most of the alliance was offline. ShadyJ, always eager, and not always ready, quickly answered the call, all be it completely intoxicated. Glugg was v-mode for the night, so we reached out to Goxxy, his fleet wans't super large, but we had the extra spot and hes been great to fly with recently so I hit him up, and he eagerly joined. So there we were, 4 of us looking at 5 hours until showtime, scrambling to get everything in place, despite Shady being very much out of it. After some miscommunication, a real sh*t show, and LOTS of probe transports to get deut where shady needed it, we were set. I had the flight timed, invites were out and we were on our way!

      [10:49 PM] goxxy: it's showing 3:17:18 for landing now
      [10:49 PM] Malicious: waht....

      Sure enough, someone *COUGH* Drunk Shady *COUGH* accidentally slowed down the ACS by 2 minutes. I sent a message out to recall fleets, and set up another round. Shady, who already didn't have enough deut to fly, now needed yet more. Kore and I went to work, our SC and Probes flying round trips to his planets. Luckily we were able to get the deut where it needed to be with just over 30 min to spare for Shady's cross galaxy flight. ROUND 2.

      This time, it actually went smoothly, all the ships were in place. 7 hours and countless millions of deut... we were flying on our target and there was nothing left to do but wait. Nap time!

      Kore kept watch, keeping me, and the others up to date on the commings and going of N_U. It appears that they saw our fleets comming, perhaps they were Fleet saved? No Deut? Whatever the case, no one came to the aid of their companion. Fleets landed, reports were shared and celebrations began. After weeks of enduring relentless waves against us, STRYKE had done what we set out to do. The battle had been won. Kuchy surged to that #1 spot, and we set to work calculating the profit!

      "I still can't believe that happened" - Goxxy
      "I love how all of these hits are such a shit show, but we always pull it together" - Malicious
      ": you are celebrating big hit , I am celebrating that I am finaly nr.1 " - Kuchy
      "this is gonna be a long night, lol" - Kore
      " I am in my element" - Drunken Shady

      When the dust settled. I took a moment...

      Broadcast by Malicious 09.07.2018 03:36:27

      I wanted to take a moment to recognize the efforts of some of our top pilots. Kore, for always being down to fight the good fight at any cost, to include our RIPS.

      Shady, for literally answering the call in the middle of the night, drunk, on a phone, as an absolute mess, and STILL bringing the deeps, best pet eva!

      Goxxy, for pitching in and helping us out in a pinch,

      And finally Kuchy, the unsung hero, you didn't get in on this one, but your tireless efforts to fly all over this uni have landed you where you belong, at the top, leading the way with the STRYKE banner behind you.

      Thank you everyone, you make the grind worth it!

      Finally, a quick shout to N_U. All the banter aside. This is just a game. I want to recognize you as well, for keeping things interesting and flying well enough that an 'easy' hit wasn't one to come by. Spies or not, you were all quite careful. That takes care and diligence and I do commend you for that. Nothing lasts for ever I'm afraid. Hope to keep seeing each of you around, maybe with a MD on STRYKE? The war is young, and there is much more to be done, providing you are willing to keep up the effort!

      Cheers friends!
      The most skillful thing I ever did in Ogame was surround myself with players that were better than me!

      Oberon Top 10 Solo - 2 / 43 ( 5%)
      Oberon Top 10 ACS - 5 / 22 (23%)

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    • Ok, i did some personal research, i gathered trusted info and my conclusions are:

      • Actions were legit, purely luck bec you guys only guessed and did it blind, but legit and sincerely congratz you.
      • @Malicious please get my apologies for unfounded acussations, all those inside info I mentioned yesterday has never been about my N_U allies, I was referring to information from other sources, but I am wrong, no doubt.
      • In that conditions i decided to stay and play.

      Again, congratz for hit. Cheers :beer: