Change the feature of Uni1 (poll request)

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    • kameljoe21 wrote:

      Since I have been thru 2 or 3 mergers on UNI 1, is there any chance that we can get 1 free relocation item or some sort of pack of import or export as a gift.
      I think that target universes never get anything out of a merge.
      I know this time we are getting server changes... Lets just forget about this for the point I am making.
      The last couple of times we have not been rewarded for mergers.
      UNI 1 will be around for years to come an more mergers to come.
      Quite a lot of players get relocation items.
      I think it would be nice that those of us who are active could gain something from mergers.
      Let me know what you think.
      I would like to point out this as well, Its not like we ever get a chance to switch to another server.

      Azelkor wrote:

      Not a bad idea, although I’m just happy GF remembered they have a US server. Maybe another week of free officers-that way GF could make people happy while getting new players addicted to officer perks. Everyone wins.

      Queen Leo wrote:

      I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask, next week when Grimnir is back. I don't know if they'd consider it, but I guess the worst they could say is "no". :)

      Queen Leo wrote:

      I have asked, and it's being considered. I don't know if it will happen, but the question is out there being pondered by the powers that be now. :)

      Queen Leo wrote:

      I'm really glad. And you guys are getting the free relocations for being in the target to start with - that's good news. :) Quw
      5 hours ago+3
      Queen Leo reply on another thread.
      Just to clarify, after talking to Prongs, only the players that originally were in the target universes will receive the 2 free relocations. Anyone that merged INTO a target universe will have already received relocations for planets that got moved during the merge. This came about when a lot of players (in our community as well as others) complained that they've gotten merged into a lot, but have never merged into another universe themselves, so have never received free relocations, despite having been involved in multiple merges.

      Also, the free commander and officers will be granted to everybody in the target universes, which includes those that started there, as well as those that were merged there.


      I would like to thank Queen Leo for the hard work you did buy putting in my request and it has been approved.
      Thank you once again.
      Universe 1 US Since Nov 2011
      Playing since April 2006
    • @Queen Leo and @ErikFyr are the best GAs in Ogame when it comes to doing everything possible to make sure our community players are taken care of.

      Sometimes we don't get everything we want or there are mix-ups these two can't fix but it's not for lack of trying.

      ..but I think you guys are all awesome for showing the love when things work out. It means a lot to them to know you appreciate the efforts they endure on your behalf.

      US is the best community! Yeaaaahhh! :love:

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    • have to agree when this post started and then faided, we all thought nothing gonna happen but all (staff) kept us posted and here we are now with more than we expected :thumbup:

      so @Queen Leo @ErikFyr @Silverwind thank you all for the hard work :beer:

      ime sure even those that were against this in the 1st place are enjoying the new breath of life , now to hope he get some active players in merge

      once again cheers all and to anyone i missed

      i should say special mention for new COMA @Prongs already making friends and winning us over since arrival :beer: :beer:

      Dear community,

      on Wednesday we will provide 2 free relocations to all players that were in the target servers.

      Also, as an apology, we are gifting 5 days of commander and officers to all active accounts in the target servers.


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