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    • Combat Report Section Rules

      Combat Report Section Rules

      - The thread has to be named: [attackers name] vs [defenders name].

      - If either of the players (Attacking or/and defending side) involved are in an alliance at the time of the attack, it must be included in the title as well. [attackers name] vs [defenders name]

      - You must post:
      • Only one CR per thread. All follow up attacks must be posted in shorthand form, i.e, only the outcome of the battle.
      • both fleets before and after the battle
      • both or non techs
      • both or non co-ords
      • Correct profits or none at all. (a mod may ask you to provide API keys for recycler reports)
      - Attacks against Inactive players are allowed to be posted, but will not qualify for a top 10.
      - All Attacks must contain at least 100k DF.

      - A mod may ask you for the API key of the Attack or any follow ups to verify the legitimacy of the hit.

      - "Deep Space" or hits that are deemed "Pushes" by the game staff will be closed and archived.
      - Planned suicides are permitted to be posted but will not qualify as a top 10.

      - Fake CRs will be removed and the poster warned. No exceptions.

      - Please shorten the CRs properly with the use of a converter

      - The tags MUST be used appropriately. Falsely using the New Top 10 or New Number One tags will result in an instant warning.

      - Once a new Top 10 CR is made, the poster should label it so that a mod may move it to the Top 10 section, and move the lowest one back into the normal HoF. Please note that a CR MUST have at least 100 million total damage to qualify for the Top 10. Additionally it must be at least 2m df and can not be a satellite bash.
      -A reasonable contribution is required from all participants of a cr to be considered for a top 10 ACS hit.
      - Mod discretion will be used for top 10 hits.
      - You can PM a mod asking them to move it to the top 10

      - If your CR is a New Top 10 CR, please prefix it with the total lost units. This makes it easier for moderators to sort the Top 10.

      - Your Cr is classified as a basic 20% if there is over 2m df and under 100m losses

      - Your CR is classified as an Advanced 20% if there are over 100 million total losses in the attack and it is not a New Top 10.

      - Your CR is classified as a Super Advanced 20% if there are over one Billion (read as 1,000,000,000) total losses in the attack and it is not a New Top 10.

      - In the case of one of the attackers being permanently banned on the Boards or ingame in a top 10, the non-banned player MUST make a significant contribution to the ACS hit, otherwise it is considered to be posting for a banned player and is not a valid top 10. The poster will be warned and the post will be closed and archived. If a player is permanently banned ingame, any solo top 10s they have made will be removed and each ACS top 10 will be judged on a case by case basis.

      - If the case arises where by the defender posts a HoF before the attacker, if 48 hours have not gone past from the hit taking place, the attacker may post the thread themselves and the defenders thread will be closed. After 48 hours have passed the defender's thread will not be closed if posted before the attackers.
      The exception to this rule of course is ninja's where the defender is actually the winner of the battle.

      • IPM attacks:
      • The names of all attackers and defenders must be posted.
      • An espionage report before any IPMs hit and one after all IPMs have landed or the IPM reports if you are defender is required.
      • The total number of IPMs fired, who fired them, and their total cost is required.
      • The total damage dealt to the defender is also required.

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