New Universe Polaris Settings Poll

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    • New Universe Polaris Settings Poll

      Which type of server should Polaris be? 78
        Economy Friendly (27) 35%
        Fleeter Friendly (27) 35%
        Balanced (24) 31%
      We've been asked to submit a preference for Polaris' settings. This poll is going to be a bit more simplified - economy friendly, fleeter friendly, or balanced universe.
      An economy friendly server would have a significantly higher economy speed than fleet speed, extra fields, and regular deuterium consumption.
      A fleeter friendly server would have similar fleet and economy speeds, lower deuterium consumption, and fewer galaxies.
      A balanced server would have low fleet and economy speeds, slightly lower deuterium consumption, extra fields, and perhaps defense to debris.

      These are just general descriptions, our goal is to gauge what style of universe you guys would like this go-around without having wonky settings that arise from detailed polls.

      The vote will end on: 14th of January.

      Kind regards,

      The Team

      Sometimes they really are out to get you.