TrashSim - OGame combat simulator

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    • Hi,

      TrashSim just got updated to version 1.4.0.
      This update contains something I've been staring at for almost a year.
      A (hopefully) final fix for the battle algoritme!
      So the RIP & Dome problems should be history.

      • New, A notice (popup) when there are techs missing for a player
      • New, Added Chinese
      • New, Added the global deuterium save factor (universe setting)
      • Fix, Battle formula
      • Fix, Bomber drive issue

      If anyone wants to give feedback about the new battle formula, please let me know :)


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    • Hi,

      TrashSim just got updated to version 1.4.1.

      • Performance & memory optimizations (more info below)
      • Javascript API (more info below)

      I did some optimizations to the simulations code.
      Chrome users already had an advantage bij using a Pnacl module, which should now be 3x faster at most.
      Users from other browsers, using the plain Javascript module, should now have a 4,5x speed gain at most.
      Have fun

      Javascript API
      II also made a small Javascript API.
      I use this to switch between simulation modules for testing.
      You can also use this if you want to, this is for advanced users only and requires some Javascript knowledge.

      In the browser console you can access the API via the "trashsim.API" object.
      This object now only has a Simulator part.
      The Simulator object has the following methods:
      • listModules
      • useModule (accepts 1 argument)
      • start
      • stop
      listModules will list the available Simulation modules, which are Javascript, JavascriptMultiThreaded and Pnacl.
      The last one will only work in Chrome at the moment.
      Javascript is the default module & JavascriptMultiThreaded is an experimental module.
      It will create multiple WebWorkers to handle the simulation based on the number of CPU cores your computer has.

      Changing the modules can be done via the useModule method, it accepts 1 argument, the name of a module.
      Resetting it to the default module can be done by calling the method with null as the argument.

      The start method will start a simulation and stop will stop it.
      If you have any questions or requests regarding this API please send me a PM.


      UniverseView : Official website
      An easy way to get his planets !