Alliance banner modification

  • Alliance banner modification

    Banner 1

    1) Please make the words on the bottom the same shade, instead of every other word being a different shade.
    2)Can you please make all the words just a little (just a little!) brighter, but keep the words on the right different shades and the same time.
    3) Please change the words on the right to the following (in no particular order):


    Banner 2

    Can you please make that a little shorter in length so it doesn't stretch out the alliance page when I put it in the External Section?

    Thanks! Big Grin

    - 1 warning for not using the template ~autopsy.
  • In future please use this template, if you read the rules you would of realized you need to use it. ;)

    Thread Contents
    [Size/dimensions]: If other than default.
    [Images to be used/links]: Please provide links. It helps sig makers
    [Colours]: Do you want a red/black/grey background? Black font? etc
    [Font]: If you have a preference. Example: Morpheus
    [Text/Quote/Name]: Any text on your graphics. Is it necessary (ie, if someone makes you a sig without all of the text on it, is that a problem?)
    [Style]: Is there a specific style of graphics you want (grunge, brushing, soft blending, etc)?
    [Border]: Do you want one? If so, which style?
    [Animation]: If yes, what kind of animation?