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Monday, August 11th 2008, 8:49pm

Mozilla Firefox, FoxGame, NeoGame and Standad Ogame (Installation / System)

Mozilla Firefox, FoxGame, NeoGame and Standardogame (Installation / System)

First we must have Mozilla Firefox.


With Mozilla Firefox installed, it is time to install the FoxGame.

[SIZE=7]Note: Sometimes when you click that link up the installation process does not start, and we should copy the link and paste it into the "box" of "Navigation".
For more information on the FoxGame access to this site:

-- Process of installing FoxGame

1st After entering the site, given the link given above, this window will appear (FoxGame the installation procedure:

2 nd Once installed, which takes a few seconds, this window will appear, and hoping to complete the installation of the Supplement, will appear the option to "Restart Mozilla", which is necessary for the process is completed successfully.

-- Process configuration of FoxGame

To set the FoxGame "to your taste," loading now with the Right mouse button, a window of Mozilla Firefox, and loading in "Setting the FoxGame" as the image shows.

By carrying on "Shaping the FoxGame" you will see this window:

As you can see with a circle in red, they can choose the server for Ogame desired (; Ogame, org;, among others), and the universe they want (Universe 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, among others).
When choosing the server of Ogame they want, and the universe, to open a web page, as the site of Ogame, in the choice of the Worlds, go be automatically selected the universe who chose this configuration.

In this window can also change the colour of the background of the Alliance and Mail Messages from users (natural), in-game.

They may also change from how many resources in a Field of resources, want the Field of resources be highlighted, and can also choose the color, to highlight the Field of resources.

In the same window, "Setup FoxGame", changing the vision of "General" to "Set Hours," and you will see.

Here you can then change the time that the FoxGame shows the arrival of Fleet, and completion of Research / Buildings / Naves / Defence.
In the "Choose the type of hours", metam "Time Server + X Hours," and will appear a box of option under which, for the time of mainland Portugal, must choose:

"Time Server -1" (put your time, I post because this is my)

In the end, for Mines, will appear something like this (Calculation Energy needed as the next level and the increase of production resources from the level.

The features in FoxGame:

-- Show time of arrival of the fleet (Round Trip)
-- Show time of arrival of the fleet is cancelled
-- Add extra options to delete messages
-- Add options for the details in messages
-- Integrating the options of Milos in galaxia (only for
-- Select Universe
-- Highlight Private Messaging
-- Show the time the ending of production in the Hangar
-- Show hours of the events in Overview
-- Remove the countdown Overview
-- Show time of completion of the development of buildings
-- Show time of completion of the investigations
-- Highlight major fields of wreckage



The NeoGame is more a complement, as the FoxGame for the web browser, Mozilla Firefox. This supplement is completely legal in, so that they can use it without any problem.
They can to download the NeoGame (in principle will not be banned in the USA I do not read anything that we said that this was banned).

Note: For the version that is the most recent (the NeoGame) should have "Search for updates" in Mozilla Firefox, for this, find the new version of NeoGame.

Features of NeoGame:

-- Vision Galaxy: Shows the rank of rating points by any player.
-- Vision Galaxy: Shows the Ranking points by the Alliances, and the members that the alliance has.
-- Vision Galaxy: The Fields of Destroços are shown by figures showing the metal and crystal present it, rather than an image.
-- Fleet Menu: Shows the amount of Small Cargo, Cargo Great Recicladores and the resources necessary to carry all present in the planet or Lua.
-- Fleet Menu: Shows the ability to transport an additional pipeline in the selection of Naves.
-- Fleet Menu: Shows a calculator of transport, which calculates the number of Small Cargo, Cargo and Great Recicladores required to carry a certain amount of resources.
-- Fleet Menu: planets and moons will be shown by its coordinates, where the planets are in the left column, and the moons in the right column. The moons are in front of the world where they are.
-- Fleet Menu: Add a meter of extra time in the section of transmission of fleet (Menu final).
-- Menu Estatistícas: In front of the icon (+) or (-), shows the places that the Player fell / rose, without necessarily having to click the mouse over those icons.
-- Buildings: Shows the state Energy for a building, showing how much energy left of the total energy in the world, and the energy that the building will exceed in relation to the total energy in the Planet
-- Buildings and Research: Shows the resources to build or develop, given Building / Research and the Small Cargo and Cargo Great needed to transport the necessary resources mentioned, for the planet or Lua.
-- Vision Galaxy: Display Systems Solares that the Phalanx "harvesting" the verdde at the top right of the screen.
-- Moon Menu: Shows the ability to scan the Phalanx in the menu of Buildings.
-- Other: The NeoGame will inform you automatically, every time there are new versions available.
-- Overview: Shows the maximum number of fields that the planet or moon has, as its diameter, ignoring the existence of the Lunar Terra-Formador/Base.
-- Overview: The quantity of debris in the Field of Destroços of the planet, will be displayed in the Overview.
-- Menu Resources: Add a calculator that calculates the amount of resources produced in 24 hours and 7 Days. (the number of days and weeks can be changed the standard 24; 7).
-- Messages: The personal messages and Alliance is possible to place Smiles as those present in this forum.
-- Reports of Espionage: Shows how many Cargo Small or Large Cargo are needed to steal the resources present for half the planet or Lua. It also shows how many Recicladores are needed to recycle the potential field of wreckage of all ships that are destroyed in the planet or moon .
* It is now possible to mark certain alliances with a note or color, such as being an Alliance with which it has a pact, or with whom you're in war for example.
* NOTE: You can withdraw determined marking the example given, just for this, leave blank the note which has been determined in Alliance.
-- All messages can be colored after selection.
-- Information from the Galaxy may be changed.
-- Colors for players of different rank.
-- Link in the names of the Colony.
-- "Free" or "information of current construction" is a link to the menu of Buildings.
-- Images of planets and Colony may be changing.
-- Shortcut to expedition in the second menu of fleet.
-- Everything / Nothing / High added to the portal of Quantum Leap.
-- Vision Galaxy "crashada" should be removed and properly seen by users.
-- Error when switching between pages quickly.

(- Updates made to the version -)

* NeoGame with the upgrade *

* Bug fixed: error when the vai Statistics.
* Bug corrected: the language of non-working.
* Other: added to the full list of support.



The Standardogame is not compatible with the NeoGame!

To make the Download the latest version of Standardogame.

Note: Sometimes the link may not work so that, should the copy and paste into the "box" of navigation of Mozilla Firefox in order to give.
For more information and download the Standardogame, access to this site:

Features of Standardogame:

All Pages
-- Resources updated in real time
-- Menu side modified Linking configurable, links to the site of the project and to the configuration page

-- Tables modified
-- Statistics are stored in a database housed at the site of StOgame. The information can be displayed on the pages of StOGalaxy. Global statistics are generated automatically
-- Movement of fleets and revamped sum of resources brought to the planet shown on page
-- Cargo necessary to remove all the resources of Cologne shown on page
-- Rankings of Fleet and Research
-- Link to the monthly statistics Personal
-- Link to the system to search for StOGalaxy. To find out where the planets are the players
-- TagBoard chat with all users of StOgame, or only with users of the same universe or alliance or only with a few friends in a private room.

-- ToolTip to see differences in the production of mines when the upgrades
-- Resources needed to start the construction of buildings
-- Cargo needed to bring these resources
-- Small descriptions

-- Colored bars for the factor of production
-- Colored bars to check the levels of deposits
-- Key for the 0% or 100% throughout the production of planets (useful in case of holidays)
-- Production estimated to 1, 12, 24 hours or X (X can be configured)
-- Cargo needed to carry all the resources produced
-- Time until the deposits are filled
-- Production of all the planets, with the maximum and minimum posted
-- Naves and defenses that can be contruidas with an estimated total production

-- Resources needed to start the search
-- Cargo needed to bring these resources
-- Small description of the research

-- Button maximum number of ships or defenses that can be built, easy to make the decision of that building (This function was disabled in version 2.5.27 due to be very similar to Commander mode. The staff of StOgame vai question the Administration Ogame of whether it is possible to re-la)

-- Ability of selected ships
-- Naves the resources necessary to carry selected
-- Commercial Converter
-- Overview of all the resources that are on the planet

-- Statistics are stored in a database housed at the site of StOgame. The information can be displayed on the pages of StOGalaxy. Global statistics are generated automatically
-- Link to the monthly statistics of all players or alliances
-- Link to demand of the planets of all players or alliances

-- Link to the monthly statistics of each player or alliance
-- Link to conduct search of all the planets of a player or alliance.

Full list of features in Standardogame, with images-Updated! (In English)

I apologise for things that are in Portuguese but not got better ...



had by lonk's because the forum has not add more images

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 12:11am

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 12:33am

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 1:05am

It is not copied, is applying information from several ogames ... FR, PT, org.


Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 1:33am


* Bug fixed: error when the vai Statistics.

And whats that?

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 2:04am

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 2:04am

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Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 7:42am

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