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Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 2:36am

When should I build a missile silo?

I have 2 planets, 1 has 2225 m/h and 1490 c/h and 357 d/h, the other has 149 m/h 763 c/h and 165 d/h (m,c,or d=resource per hour), and my friend is just behind me, I am focusing on getting my mines ahead, and he isn't so much, he just bought a missile silo and I told him he is stupid, is he? I mean so far I haven't been attacked once and neither has he, and we only have about 30k of each resource saved up at a time so I told him he's dumb to waste his resources on missile silos so early when you can farm people with no defenses instead of wasting all those resources to be able to attack a turtle and get the same thing. Who's right? And also, about when SHOULD I get a missile silo?


Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 8:59pm

I get a missile silo when i start to get heavy on the def.
meaning, when i have over 100 heavy turrets, i may get it.
if i get over 1 k in fodder turrets, i get it. :D
kinda depends on which is best.

who is right depends on which uni it is. xD
I miss c260 and Hembol... :(

LOL. UNSC iz 1337 h4xz0rrr!

4198.51 HoFs ;)




Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 9:00pm


We are in Andromeda and we each have about 10 rocket launchers 10 light lasers and 5 heavy lasers, so i was right then...he's wasting his money right?


Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 9:02pm

idk anything abt andromeda, so i cant say ur right or wrong :D
if u want to continue discusing with me, send a PM... ^.^
i h8 spamming outside of the spam board... :D
I miss c260 and Hembol... :(

LOL. UNSC iz 1337 h4xz0rrr!

4198.51 HoFs ;)




Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 10:20pm

UNSC is depends on many several things like:
-ur time to play
-ur def (u invested ~95k metal (3:2:1) and a intermissile coast also 95k its NOT usefull)
-ur enemies (if u have some or if ur alliance is going into a war)
-ur neighbours (big fleets or only cargos, lv of missile silos....)
-ur fleet




Wednesday, February 9th 2011, 2:51pm

ABM's protect defense, it's rpetty much iny our best judgement, but theres no reason to hit them early if they are going to slow down the growth of your economy, Personally missle silos get built when i end up with some extra res and have a decent sized defense. Or as in now i have 7 planets, it's cheap for me to just put 20 ABM's on each planet and i don't noticed the missing res, would suggest you wait till you get 3-4 planets before bothering probably,

as Equinox said though, there are many factors. but from the facts you've listed, yeah you are way early getting them, do you even have 5k points yet? no reason to consider em until you are out of newbie protection, and even then i don;t think i got mine till i hit around 30k points and had a sizable defense on a planet which i built because an annoying high rank player was bashing my 15 cargoes I had there...

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