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Monday, October 25th 2010, 4:10am

Planet/Moon Relocation

Planet/Moon Relocation

Ingame description:


Move your colony to a similar planet in another system. The move will take place 24 hours after activation. At the time of the move, none of your fleets that are stationed here will be able to be active. Nothing will be able to be built or researched. If the move is successful, 240.000 Dark Matter will be deducted from your account. The moon, buildings and all stored resources will move with you. Your fleets will follow automatically. The jump gate of a relocated moon will be deactivated for 24 hours.
How to relocate planet/moon:
There are two ways to relocate your planet/moon.

One way is by viewing your planet's/moon's Overview page. You will see below the "Points:" and beside "give up/rename" an icon with the word "Relocate". Clicking the link will take you to galaxy view of that planet/moon. Insert the galaxy and system you want your planet/moon in. Now click the icon for relocation in the slot desired. Then you have a pop-up box appear saying, "Are you sure you want to relocate your planet to these coordinates? To finance the relocation you'll need 240.000 Dark Matter." Click "Yes". Then a timer will start, and at end of 24 hour timer, your planet and res will move.

The other way is basically the same, but you skip the step of clicking "relocate" on the overview page of the desired planet to be moved. Just be in the galaxy view of the desired planet and insert galaxy and system then click the desired slot. Along with clicking "Yes" in the pop-up window. Then the timer appears as explained above.

Things to remember:
For the relocation to be successful, there must be no building/ship/defense being constructed and no research being conducted when the timer turns to 0. If anything is being done at that time on desired planet, then the relocation will be aborted but no DM will be deducted.

You can only move to an empty position.

You can only move to a similar position. The groups are 1-3, 4-12, 13-15. Therefore a planet within slot 1-3, can only be relocated to a slot 1-3. A slot 4-12 planet, only to 4-12. And slot 13-15, to 13-15.

Both the planet and the moon will be moved during the relocation process.

You can move a planet only once in a 24 hour time frame, there is another timer for 24 hours to ensure this. Even if the relocation is not successful, you still have to wait 24 hours before starting the relocation again.

Your planet size will stay the same. BUT, the temperature and planet picture will be different.

Your jumpgate on moon is deactivated for 24 hours once your planet is relocated.

Your fleet will be moved to new location, but not directly. Instead they will fly to the planet/moon. This will not cost you deuterium. The mission will be a recalled deployment, therefore the fleet is not visible on phalanx.

Special Characters in Planet/Moon names will cause relocation to fail and cause the the planet/moon to be stuck once the countdown reaches 0.
Our server rules forbid you from having special characters, so this shouldn't be a problem to any of you.

The cost for this is 240k Dark Matter.

Q & A:
Q: Will someone attacking my planet cancel or stop the relocation?
A: No. The attacking fleet will reach the empty slot and return home.

Q: Will an ACS Defend cancel or stop the relocation?
A: No. The fleet will return home upon the planet being moved.

Q: So I can't build anything during the 24 hours relocation is processing?
A: No. You may start a research/building/ships/defense, but best to make sure it will finish before the timer reaches 0. When you are starting anything, you will have a pop-up box asking if you want to start the object or not.

Written by: jb09
Last edit: 24th November 2010 - jb09

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